The Refashioners 2015

gertie halter front bra off

Have you heard of The Refashioners 2015?  Portia of started up this fabulous series in 2011 to help inspire and promote the concept of refashioning amongst the online sewing community.  This year’s theme was refashioning a men’s button through shirt.  The line up has been EPIC with 20 incredibly talented bloggers sharing their refashions throughout August.

Here are some of my faves…

sasha refashion shirt



See what I mean?  Amazeballs!

As part of the series, Portia has set up a community challenge with THE most incredible prize package.  I’ve always been a sucker for sewing prizes so couldn’t resist the temptation and challenge of participating with a refashion of my own.  Looking at the calibre of entries so far the competition is fierce but it’s been a fun project and something I probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to attempt otherwise.

A couple of years ago during a wardrobe purge, Craig was about to toss a few unused work shirts and for some reason the fabric appealed to me.  This challenge was the perfect excuse to finally make something and because I had more than one, there was backup fabric in case I stuffed up the first time!

mens shirt

The next decision was what to make.  People seem to think that if you can sew,  then you must be super creative but I definitely don’t put myself in that category.  Dreaming up some kind of incredible design ala Sasha (the first of my faves shared above) is not really in my bag of tricks.  It’s definitely something I’d like to get better with in time but for now I knew I needed a pattern that was going to fit within the fabric restraints.

I did actually have two identical shirts but wanted to limit myself to the one – after all, the theme wasn’t Men’s button through shirtS.

So I searched through my pattern library and books and came across a cute halter top in Gertie Sews Vintage Casual.  Just a few pattern pieces and fairly small ones so I figured I *should* be able to squeeze them out of this shirt.  And I did.  Here are the leftovers…

mens refashion leftovers

The front came together without too much trouble but THEN.  Then came the shirring.  Oh dear God, what was I thinking with all that shirring?!?!  It took about 4 weeks of procrastination to get through it but finally the challenge deadline pushed me through.

I’m super happy with the end result and can’t believe I’ve managed to turn an ugly work shirt into this!!! (excuse the slightly fuzzy pics, my photographer is away on study leave)

gertie halter front 2

gertie halter side 2

gertie halter side

gertie halter front off

gertie halter side shirring off

It teams up nicely with my Betsy skirt, donchathink?

gertie halter long

So how about you?  Are you a virgin re-fashioner like me or do you find it easy to whip something up from a men’s shirt.

If you haven’t checked out all The Refashioners 2015 posts from August, there is a ridiculous amount of inspiration to be had so I highly recommend a squizz.

Also, you might have noticed a few changes around here?  After nearly two years blogging I decided it was time to make this interwebs space a bit more reflective of my style.  I really love the new colours and logo and hope you do too!

Catch you soon,

Nat x

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