Sewing for my boys in Kids Clothes Week

I’ve been busy, busy, busy getting prepared for all the sewing I’m planning for next week – I like to think of it as my sewing “mise en place” Masterchef style.  This is the first time I’ve participated in Kids Clothes Week, a brilliant community of sewists from around the world who pledge to sew for their kids for one hour a day, every day for a week.  This season starts on the 27th of January and because of it being hosted in the US, the season is winter.  They are however mindful of us sweltering down here in the heat so I’m sure there will be plenty of summer projects on board too.

For me though, I decided it was a good opportunity to get a few winter projects started so they’ll be ready to wear once the cooler weather starts.  Also, three of the patterns I’ve never made before so I prefer to make a larger size to make sure they’ll fit!  I’ve made a few things for the Big Boy (3 1/2 yrs) over the recent months that are too small – there’s nothing more frustrating!!!  At least I’ve got Little (5 months) who’ll fit them eventually – good planning on my part I like to think.

KCW boys sewing plan

If you’ve decided to follow my blog you’ll soon discover I’m a big fan of lists.  So here’s the one for next week:

1) See Kate Sew Recess Raglan tees x 2: I’ve made this pattern once before and it was a really quick, easy sew.  It also helped cement my new love for sewing knit fabrics.  Can’t wait to make these two staples for Big Boy’s wardrobe from a couple of thrifted tshirts (can you see a little someone who’ll be making an appearance on one of these tees in the pic above?)

2) Elegance and Elephants Retro Sweatpants: Who doesn’t love a free pattern right?!  E&E released this free pattern back in December so I instantly wanted to try it out!  Big Boy lives in his trackies in winter time and I had some leftover navy fleece from a hoodie I made myself when I was first learning to sew knits.  So glad I was using up leftovers because I’ve cut the fabric with the grain going the wrong way – grrrr!  At least this can be a test run and if they work out well, I’ll make some more.

3) Hey June Greenpoint Cardigan: I got this great unisex pattern in the Southern Institute Sew Fab epattern sale last year – 26 patterns for just over $30 – bargain!  I guess its only a bargain if you actually use them though.  This will be only the second one I’ve made so I’ve still got a bit of work to do on getting my money’s worth!  I’ll be using a burgundy interlock with black rib knit for the trim.

4) Flosstyle Baby Mix n Match Overalls: Finally something for my Little.  I actually won this pattern (yay for me!) on the Flosstyle Facebook page for posting a pic of my Big Boy in a pair of shorts I made using another Flosstyle pattern.  I’m using one of my favourite staple fabrics – cargo drill, plus some gorgeous green quilting cotton for the trim so they’re not too bland.  I’m excited to make my first item of clothing for the Little one – I’m sure he’ll appreciate them.  And by that I mean puke on them.

So, that’s it – 4 patterns, 5 items, in one week.  I’m feeling much more confident now they’re all cut out ready to go.  This may actually be an achievable task, even on less than desirable sleep.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for the big reveals next week.

Is anyone else planning to participate?  If you’re after some inspiration for boys sewing, check out my Sewing: Little boys Pinterest board or the KCW: winter Pinterest board. If you are participating, let me know – I’d love to follow your projects!



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