Project Capsule Wardrobe

So, lately I’ve been having that whole “wardrobe full of clothes, nothing to wear” feeling.

I know, I know…first world problem…but I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?

I recently came across this idea of the Capsule Wardrobe.  Have you heard of it?  The idea originated in the 70s and involved having only a limited number of wardrobe staples that you could mix and match with seasonal items.

It’s all about planning and making sure all the items in your wardrobe work interchangeably, can be dressed up or dressed down, wear to work, a bbq, out to dinner,  kindy drop off and so on.  I love this type of organisation!  It seriously satisfies my control-freak tendencies.  Plus it’s supposed to help you save money (yep, that’s the line I’m telling Craig), AND most importantly helps you FEEL good about what you’re wearing.

I also found this article the other day about how decision-making energy is limited so by reducing the number of daily decisions you make, like what to wear, you’re supposed to free up that energy for other things.  Decision fatigue they call it.  Maybe it sounds a bit deep but it kinda makes sense?

Anyway the capsule idea varies depending on which blog/website/definition you read.  Some include accessories (sunglasses, purses, belts) in the capsule, others talk about a ridiculously small number of items.  Like one skirt, one pair of work pants etc.   I don’t know about you but I’m NOT ok with this!

After looking at a few different blogs and interpretations, I settled on this one by Un-Fancy.  In short, you have 37 items that you wear for one season (3 months).  The capsule includes shoes, tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear.  It doesn’t include swimwear, accessories (yay!), pjs/loungewear, underwear or exercise clothes.  In the words of Caroline, “generous yet minimal”.  The only downside of this blog for me is that it’s based in the US so the current season posts are back to front.

Here’s the disclaimer… I am definitely no fashion expert.  I don’t think I’m a total disaster but there is a lot of room for improvement so I think the idea of researching and planning what goes into my wardrobe could really work for me.

Of course I want to include me-made items.  Now I’m getting more confident about sewing my own clothes and seeing all the amazing patterns out there, there’s really no excuse.  Seasonal wardrobe planning isn’t a new thing  and I felt super inspired after reading this recent post by Sophie from Ada Spragg who has been planning the most amazing summer wardrobe.  Man, that woman is so stylish it hurts!  Jen from Grainline is another wardrobe sewing planner.  I wonder if there are any others around?

So, this is it!  I’m on board… Project Capsule Wardrobe.

project capsule wardrobe

Here’s the first step… I’m going to empty out my wardrobe this weekend and only  put back in items for my summer January – March capsule (and a few to get me through the next few weeks til it have a chance to shop/sew).

Then I’m going to plan plan plan what to buy or make for the capsule.  I’ve been madly cutting and pasting ideas into a collage which makes it so much easier to visualise the variety, colours and if and how items will go together.

I’m ready, I’m committed, I’m DOING IT!! (Woo!  Where are the pom-poms??)

How about you??   I’d really REALLY love to know if anyone else has done this before and if you’ve had any success?  Or even better…are you willing to take on the challenge with me??


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