Pretty Triangle Quilt for Meeeeeeeee!

Why helloooooooo!!!!  I’ve been a bit off the radar lately but be sure I’m still here and still sewing away. Unfortunately busy life and sickness has been getting in the way of blogging lately.

Despite that I have managed to FINALLY finish off this beauty which has been a work in progress for around 6 months – a pretty quick turnaround for me when it comes to quilting!!

triangle quilt 4

There’s no denying I have a love-hate relationship with quilts.  I know it’s true but yet, for some reason, I keep going back for more!  Sucker for punishment perhaps?

I really think it’s more to do with my addiction to fabric and wanting to fill my life with beautiful things.  I can almost hear you all shouting in agreement – YES SISTAH!!!

triangle quilt 5

I saw the tutorial and pattern on the Sew Kate Sew website aaaaaagggessss ago and had been planning to make one ever since with some of my favourite fabrics and colours.

I hit a few bumps along the way as I’d been following the original tutorial for this quilt which for some strange reason had the triangle pattern piece with a flat tip.  Thankfully the lovely Ms Midge demystified the problem for me and set me on my way.   If only I hadn’t cut out ALL the triangles wrong the first time…


triangle quilt 3

Turns out Kate has now fixed the problem with an updated version of the pattern piece.

My only other criticism of the pattern is there are a few places where triangles of the same colour/pattern are adjacent.  Maybe that’s just me being finnicky but I’d prefer it if they were all separate from each other… know-what-i-mean?

triangle quilt 1

I’m really thrilled with how beautifully it’s turned out and just in time to be a nanna rug for me while I spend our upcoming winter evenings in front of the sewing machine.

triangle quilt 2

Has anyone else used this pattern?  Am I the only one with a “thing” for adjacent pieces?

Chat soon,

Nat x

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