One year Bloggy-versary!

Helloooooooooooooooo lovely sewing peeps!  Like the best of us I had a bit of a bloggy break over Christmas and New Year.  I hope you had a great time relaxing with family and friends, maybe even a bit of sewing??!

So guess what?  It’s officially one year since I started Sew Outnumbered!  I can’t believe it!  That time has completely flown by.

cake anyone

2015 brings mixed feelings for me, as you’ll know if you received the newsletter earlier this month.  Last week I officially headed back to my *real* job after 18 months at home with my scrumptious bundle of cuteness (and the larger, noisier version).  We also have a bunch of crazy plans this year including planning a major house renovation, starting my research masters degree and starting a little sewing classes business.  Crazy times!

Of course, I still have HEAPS of sewing and blogging plans so I’ll be trying to my best to keep up with as much of that as possible but I also NEED to remember to take time out and not sacrifice my sanity as well as precious kid time to do that.

Anyways, in the spirit of the New Year and having been on this journey for a whole year now, I thought I’d do a little review of the most popular posts this last year.  Apparently it’s the *thing to do* at the mo!

I chose six as the number to share because I was so shocked that at number 6 was my most recent post, The Bombshell Swimsuit!!  Apparently photos of me in my swimmers were more popular than I anticipated – haha!  I think maaaaaaaybe it had more to do with the AWESOME pattern!!  I really hope to sew up another one before the summer ends, I love it soooooo much!!

bombshell front

Number 5 was the Newborn Snuggler Bag.  This is a free pattern and I make them ALL the time for all my friends’ little newbies.  I made the pattern slightly larger than the original so they usually last up to about 3 months this way.

snuggler bag

Number 4 was the Captain Barnacles outfit I made the Big Boy for his 4th birthday party (Octonauts themed of course!)  The party planning for this birthday extravaganza took the best part of a month and I’m taking this opportunity to remind myself…. NO CRAZY BIRTHDAY PARTIES THIS YEAR!!  Did you hear that?  No doubt, I’ll need you as a witness come July.

Sewing a captain barnacles costume

Number 3 was the tutorial I wrote for the Scooter Buddy.  I wrote this originally as a guest post tutorial and then posted it on here after the agreed amount of time.  I’m so thrilled people seem to be loving it!

The scooter buddy sewing tutorial

Number 2 was the free baby bib pattern I shared earlier in the year.  I just love the shape and size of this bib and still use them for my 16 month old.

bib pattern

Number 1…. was the Easy-to-remove Pram Liner with free PDF pattern and tutorial.  Apparently people dislike unthreading their pram liners as much as me and are loving the velcro option.  Or maybe google just likes the term “free pattern”?  Nevertheless, peeps are checking it out so I’m hoping it’s been of use!

pram liner tutorial pattern

This year will most likely see less of the tutorial type posts from me with less time available BUT what I do plan to do is share a LOT more sewing for me as well as all three boys.

Sooooooooooooooo, thank you thank you THANK YOU for being you and awesome and for joining me here!

Every comment, like, post, regram, re-pin and pageview stat makes me smile and thrilled that I decided to start writing this blog.  I love this community and hope to be here for a long time to come.

Happy 2015 everyone!  I hope it brings you all the joy you wish for!

Nat xx

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