Kids Clothes Week Sewing: Raglan Tees

So far I’m on track with my sewing for Kids Clothes Week so today I get to share with you my first two projects – the Recess Raglan tees.

I started with the quickest and easiest of all my planned projects – mostly because I’ve sewn this pattern before, successfully, and I figured once these two were completed I’d already be 40% of the way through!  Cheating?  Maybe a little, but if it gives me the motivation to complete all five projects, who cares right?

boys raglan tee

Today I get to introduce you to my 3 year old, “Big Boy” who also has a collection of aliases and alter egos (which he makes up himself) which may make an appearance on  here from time to time.  My personal favourites are “Munckem” and “Rankie Doo”. 

I love this Recess Raglan Tee pattern by See Kate Sew mostly because it’s quick to complete but it also gives me the opportunity to use some upcycled tshirts.  The beauty of this is, if cut correctly, I don’t even need to hem the waist or arm bands! (more cheating).  I did have to do a bit of hemming this time around so I could use the feature “Mr Sona Sasta” on the front of one of them.  I picked up the tshirt I used for this one at a local thrift store.  I made sure to google the phrase Sona Sasta before using it though, in case it was a joke type shirt and didn’t say Mr *something rude* instead of Mr Happy.  As it turns out it does translate to Mr Happy in Irish gaelic – go figure!

raglan tee happy 1

raglan tee happy

I had a few issues with the striped shirt when using the overlocker.  It was really cutting holes into the fabric with the left needle as well as skipping stitches.  I changed the needles to ball point needles which are much better for sewing with knits and gave it a good clean inside.  Confession time!  I’ve never changed the needles on my overlocker – oh dear…I’ve only had it 18 months!  So after a little TLC… surprise, surprise the problem was fixed!

raglan tee pocket

raglan tee pocket 1

I’m so glad I decided to add the patch pocket to this one – perfect for putting in all the things important in a little boys life… mostly cars 🙂

I also tried out double hemming on these tshirts for the first time.  I followed this brilliant tutorial from Things for Boys which was really helpful.  I still don’t think I’ve mastered it yet but will keep practising.

raglan tee hem

So there you have it, my first two projects completed.  Fingers crossed for the rest of the week that I have time to finish the next three!!

Thanks for reading!


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