Tutorial: How to change your overlocker serger thread

If you’re anything like I used to be, you get eternally frustrated every time you need to change the thread on your overlocker (serger).  I used to stuff it up EVERY TIME and end up rethreading the whole machine, turning what should have been a five minute job into something much longer and taking a little bit of my sanity away each time!

Today I’m sharing with you my easy to follow tutorial on how to change the thread on your overlocker, frustration-free!  You can pin the photo below so you’ve got it on hand whenever you need it.  For more details instructions, and a bonus tutorial on tying a reef knot, keep scrolling down…

  change overlocker thread

 How to change your overlocker serger thread:

  1. Prepare your machine: raising your presser foot and reducing tensions to zero releases your tension discs so when you pull your thread through you don’t put undue pressure on the discs.  Raising the needles puts the loopers in the right position and disengaging the blade is just common sense!  It’s also a good idea to turn your machine off (safety first!)
  2. Lifting the lower looper thread off the upper looper allows you to pull your thread chain through.  You won’t be able to pull it through if you don’t do this.
  3. You don’t want to pull your knots through the needle eyes so it’s good to cut these threads now.
  4. Self explanatory I think.
  5. It’s important to use a reef knot instead of any other knot as it creates a nice flat profile to go through your tension discs without causing any damage.  It’s also nice and strong so shouldn’t come undone half way through.  I’ve included an extra tutorial below to show you step by step how to do this.  If you’re like me, it will take a bit of practice so be patient.
  6. Find the correct thread to pull through.  When pulling through the needle threads, you can do this from the threads you cut in step 3.
  7. Cut, knot, pull, repeat!
  8. Thread your needles.
  9. Position the threads and you should be able to pull these  through gently.
  10. Return all your settings to normal (reverse of step 1) and you can now sew a thread chain.

Ta Da!

Here is the reef knot tutorial…

Tie a reef knot

 I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to leave some comment love and suggestions for further tutorials if you like this one.

Thanks for reading!


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