I Spy a Raglan Tee: more boys sewing

Hmmmm… well Kids Clothes Week came and went and my sewing plans fell by the wayside.

Meh!  Life happens, no biggie.

Still, I’m on a tee sharing roll so here is the latest one.

raglan front 2

This time we’re leaving the Rowan tees (1& 2) behind and moving onto a raglan tee.  This is from an unreleased pattern so no more info on that I’m afraid but the FABRIC (!!) is yet another beauty from Wickedly Woven.

raglan front

Tell me…is this not the cutest, funnest fabric around?!?

raglan side

I’d been having a bit of trouble with my twin needle hemming on the previous two tees so this time I decided to use a piece of light-weight knit interfacing fused to the wrong side of the fabric to see if that would avoid the skipped stitches.  Hooray – problem fixed!  It does make the hem a bit *heavy* so next time I’ll try  just one single narrow strip along the bottom edge and see if that’s enough.

I’m still having issues with tunnelling though.  My answer is to put a coverstitch machine on my Christmas list this year – I wonder if I’ve been good enough??

raglan back

I’m loving filling the kids’ wardrobes with gorgeous tees to get them through the summer.  I guess they’re not the most exciting or challenging thing to sew but there’s a heap of satisfaction in the boys wearing mum-made clothes nearly every day.

raglan crouch

Is anyone else sewing for summer at the moment?

Nat x

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