Spring Showers Rain Jacket Take 2

Do you ever have those projects that get shelved for, like ever (ok 6 months) coz you stuff something up and can’t be bothered thinking about how to fix it?  This second Spring Showers Rain Jacket was definitely one of those!

I started sewing it last winter for my 6yo coz, you know, it was winter.  I had all but finished and then one fateful social sewing night, I forgot to stabilise the centre front before adding the zipper.  First fatal error.  I also thought I knew better than the instructions, so decided to try to bag out the lining, zipper and all and managed to stretch out one edge and not the other, ended up with a zipper that didn’t sit where it was supposed to and two different centre front lengths.  GAH! Throw it on the WIP pile!

So then, mid-summer I’m heading to my sewing retreat and decided it was time to get this jacket finished before next winter arrives.  Like most of these types of things, it really didn’t take much to fix it up, just a fresh morning brain and following the instructions (who’d have thought?!)




If you’ve been following for a while, you might recall my first version of this jacket a few years ago.  I absolutely love this pattern and am so thrilled that version 1 has now been passed onto my little guy.

The pattern is the Spring Showers Rain Jacket View B by Elegance and Elephants.  I sewed the size 6/7 this time around knowing it was going to be miles too big but able to last him at least a few years.

The fabric is the same as last time, a Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) sourced from Greenbeans Australia. It’s the same stuff people use to make modern cloth nappies.  Extremely soft and pliable but also waterproof.  I much prefer this to using laminated cotton which can been stiff and uncomfortable for kids to wear.  It’s also relatively easy to sew when you follow a few simple tips.

The lining is quilting cotton which to be fair is probably a bit heavy for lining but it works well enough and it’s Dr Seuss!  I gave myself bonus points for using stashed fabric and because I didn’t have enough to make it all from one fabric, I kept with the Cat in the Hat theme but used a different fabric for the sleeves.

I absolutely love the details in the double top stitching, the little peak on the hood and a reminder to add a hook loop in the lining for hanging up soggy jackets.  I’ve had SO many compliments about the original version and shyly accepting gasps of awe after explaining that they can’t buy one locally because I made it (*blush*).

I definitely recommend giving it a go!

As a side, just a quick thank you for sticking with me here.  I know it’s been like for-ever since I’ve blogged regularly but for those following at home you’ll know I’ve been pouring a lot of time into my sewing classes business that I’m setting up here in Perth.  I’d love to get back into a more regular blogging schedule (the pile of unblogged makes is getting ridiculous!) but the reality is that life is busy and so I’ll try and squeeze it in when I can.  Thanks so much for your patience!

I hang out on Instagram a lot so if you’re not already following, you can do that here and here (business and blogging profiles).

Catch you soon!

Nat x

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