Sneaking into the Carolyn PJ Party

Who doesn’t love hanging in their PJs?

Truth be told, after taking these pics this afternoon, I suggested taking the kids for a walk before dinner.  I grabbed my shoes, sunnies and keys and Craig was like…ummmm… are you planning to change?

carolyn pj shorts front full length

These may just be my new live-in-at-home shorts though.  Oh man, they are sooooooooo comfy!  These are most likely the first of a whole new lounge wear wardrobe for me.  Warning – don’t come knocking unless you wanna see Nat hanging in her PJs at 5 in the afternoon!!

Heather Lou released the gorgeous Carolyn Pajama pattern a few weeks ago and decided she was throwing a pajama party to celebrate.  On the 9th of March – that’s tomorrow so here I am sneaking in at the 11th hour!

I hunted online and in store for a gorgeous voile to sew up a full set but got all indecisive and to be fair it’s still too hot for anything other than singlets and shorts here in Perth at the moment so I’ve just sewn up the shorts.  For now.

carolyn pj shorts front 3

The pattern includes a full pajama set with options for short sleeve, long sleeve, shorts or long pants so every season is covered.  I’ll definitely be sewing up a full pair for winter.  Just gotta find me that perfect fabric.

For this pair, I went for a rayon I’ve had in my stash for a while now.  I knew every cursive thrown at this fabric during sewing would be worth the ridiculous level of comfort achieved at the end.  Not sure I have the patience for a full set in rayon, let’s wait and see.

carolyn pj shorts back

I cut a straight 10 and the fit is perfect.

I had some issues with the piping in that I was too lazy and didn’t have time to make my own for this pair so I used some store bought satin piping.  Note to self: satin is a totally inappropriate match for using with rayon.

carolyn pj shorts front

Lesson learned.  Next time I’ll make my own.

What else to say about this pattern except it’s awesome!  Fabulous instructions as always from Closet Case (remember my Bombshell?  No way I could’ve achieved that without a ridiculous amount of instruction!).

carolyn pj shorts front 4

carolyn pj shorts front 2

If you’re a beginner wanting to get more ambitious, pajamas are the perfect project.  No one has to see them if they don’t turn out the best and you get to practice heaps of really handy sewing techniques (collars, waistbands, pockets, button holes etc…)

I definitely recommend giving the Carolyn’s a go.

Catch you soon,

Nat x

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