Sewing a Zippy Top: Take One

So this week I’m sewing for me and first up is the Zippy Top!

zippy front

I’m calling this post “Take One” because I’m not entirely happy with how it’s turned out.  Here are my grievances:

1)      I think it sits a bit too “boxy” which I put down to this fabric being a quilting cotton.  Despite it being quite a soft one, I still think it doesn’t have enough drape for a pattern that doesn’t have darts.

2)      I tried using the rolled hem foot on my machine for the first time, which worked perfectly on my practice run (hooray!) and then of course I stuffed up when using it on my top (booo!)  After a fair few goes of unpicking and re-sewing I managed to get it to look acceptable but I’m still not particularly happy with the result.  Is there a trick to this I’m missing??

zippy sleeve

3)      Just before sewing the neckline, I thought to myself… “maybe I should understitch the facing…nah” (the pattern doesn’t mention understitching). But in hindsight, I should have taken the extra 5 minutes to do that so that the facing didn’t poke out when I was doing the topstitching.

zippy neck

4)      The neckline at the top of the zip doesn’t sit quite straight

zippy zip

BUT I’m not dismayed!!

Zippy number 2 is ready for sewing and I’m planning to soldier on.  The fabric I’ll be using is a lawn so that should fix the draping issue and as for the others, that’s up to me to hone my skills.

Stay tuned!


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