Sewing a Spring Showers Rain Jacket… in Autumn

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I don’t know where the time went but it’s been over a week between posts!  I haven’t just been sitting around on my backside though…and really does anyone know a mum who does??  Last week’s sewing was dedicated to sewing up a rain jacket for my Big Boy.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that I mentioned to him the week before that I was going to make it and then the NEXT morning, the first thing he asked was “is it finished yet?”  Tough customers!

Anyway, it IS finished now and it was worth the wait!!

spring showers rain jacket 2

Here are the deets…


Spring Showers Rain Jacket by Elegance and Elephants

Size & Fit

My Big Boy is quite small for his nearly-4 age so according to the sizing in the pattern, I chose a size 2/3.  (The available sizes go 2/3, 4/5 etc)  The sizing was spot on and fits perfectly!  I love that it has a bit of length at the back to keep his backside dry in the rain.

spring showers rain jacket 3


The pattern recommends either oil cloth or laminated cotton as the outer fabric for waterproof-ness.  I had a look online and at my local stores and couldn’t really find anything that had either a) a great boys pattern or b) wasn’t overly expensive.

In the end I decided to use PUL (polyurethane laminate), which is a polyester knit with a waterproof film on the underside, rather than laminated cotton which has the waterproof layer on the top.  PUL is incredibly soft and has a wonderful drape, whereas laminated cotton tends to be quite stiff.

PUL is commonly used for making modern cloth nappies but has many other applications, like the washable nursing pads I made – you can find the tutorial here.  On both occasions I sourced my PUL from a brilliant Australian online store, Greenbeans Australia.  I have no affiliation with them but find their prices and quality of their product excellent so can definitely recommend!

I’m absolutely thrilled with how well this fabric worked on the rain jacket!  It feels really soft and comfortable.  It was a bit tricky to cut and sew with at times because of it’s soft, slippery nature.  Make sure you check out my post on Sewing PUL Knits: Ten Top Tips for all you need to know.  Also it looks like it’s stretched slightly around the armsyce topstitching but I think this is probably because I used a regular straight stitch and maybe if I used a stretch stitch (a triple stretch stitch?) this may not have happened.  If you have any advice, please share!!

The lining is just a basic quilting cotton.

spring showers rain jacket 6


The instructions for the pattern were extremely clear, easy to follow and were accompanied by excellent photos.

One extra step that I’d recommend, especially if you’re using slippery PUL, is to under stitch the bottom hem (after step 28).  When making my zippy top recently, I learned that taking the time to do this saves a LOT of frustration when it comes to top stitching later on.  If you don’t already know, understitching is where you stitch the seam allowance to the “under” side (in this case the lining).  It gently pulls this side underneath  so it doesn’t peak out on the seen side (you can just see the light blue line of understitching on the lining side of the hem here).

spring showers rain jacket 5


I would say the level of difficulty is probably advanced beginner.  The construction is fairly basic but does involve sewing a zipper (which I know some people struggle with).  However, there are quite a few tricky curves to sew which can be a bit frustrating at times but with lots of pinning and taking it slow, I only ended up with one little pucker in the lining which I didn’t bother to unpick (shhhhh…)

spring showers rain jacket 4

All in all I’m absolutely thrilled with how well this jacket turned out!

My husband asked  if I was planning to performance test the jacket by making Big Boy stand out in the rain.  Ummmm, thanks for the suggestion hun but I’m thinking….. no?   *raises eyebrow*

If you love it too, head on over to the E&E pattern shop and pick up the pattern for yourself!  I chose to sign up with them as an affiliate which means if you choose to buy the pattern via my link, I’ll earn a small commission.  I will only be an affiliate for patterns I’m happy to recommend and this is definitely one of them!

Finally in other exciting blogging news, last Sunday the Parisian top I sewed for Selfish Sewing Week was featured on the Create Link Inspire Party over on Nap Time Creations!  As a newbie blogger this type of thing is SUPER exciting and means that someone is ACTUALLY reading my blog!!  Wooo!  Please go check it out and be sure to link up any of your own projects for the weekly party – you don’t need a blog to do it and it’s great fun to check out what others are sewing.

Happy sewing!


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