Sewing more skinny jeans – onto a winner!

You know sliced bread?  In my book really not that amazing especially when compared to THESE JEANS!!!  Seriously ladies if your kids aren’t sporting a pair of these awesome gems then go (go go!) grab the pattern!

skinny jeans cover

I sewed up a first pair for the latest Kids Clothes Week in April and managed to finish them in a few days.  These ones took a bit longer…you know 10 minutes sewing at a time between feeding, bathing and attending to my boys’ each and every need (Muuuuummm which Octonaut do you wanna be?)

These are by no means a quick sew but they are totally worth it!

In my first skinny jeans post I didn’t really give a proper run down of this pattern so here it is…


Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads

skinny jeans on log


I chickened out and went for the half fly option again.  I really want to try these with a zip fly but didn’t have the right size zipper at the time and just wanted to get started.  Once again I sewed the waistband with the top stitching option, chose inset pockets and the usual patch pockets on the back – do you like my road stitching??

skinny jeans front

Size & Fit

My almost four-year-old is fairly small for his age so I made a size 3 which was perfect.  I left a bit more length on this time because his first pair is already getting too short!

I really love the slim fit of these jeans!  They look sooooo stylish especially compared to so many of the department store wide leg style jeans for kids.  Never again for my boys!


Stretch denim.


The instructions for this pattern are seriously good.  There is literally a photo for everything which I love. The length of the instructions can be a bit daunting at first but this is only because they are so detailed which makes the actual sewing part easy.

There is also a “cheat sheet” included at the end – a shortened version of the instructions without the photos to use once you’ve made them a few times.

The pattern also includes a large pattern sheet that you can print out at a print store for a few dollars and – hooray! – no sticky taping paper together!

skinny jeans side


I wouldn’t describe these as difficult, particularly as the instructions are so clear and easy to follow.  What they do take is time.  It would help to have made a pair of pants before and definitely do some practice of the top stitching on denim offcuts before you start.  I would say advanced beginner.

If you’re tempted, don’t even think about it – just give them a go.  They are really not that hard to do and the reward is so worth the effort!!  Lining the pockets and waistband in a fun, kid-friendly fabric makes them a winner every time.

And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as making clothing that remains on high wardrobe rotation and never fails to produce a… “You MADE them??”  (*so proud*)

Happy sewing!


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