Sewing Retreat Brumby Skirt

brumby skirt front full length

Why hulloooooooooooo long lost blog and readers (readers?  are you still there?)

It’s been a ridiculously long time between posts but the reality is I’ve been ridiculously busy and something just had to give.  Ok, so maybe a few things, but my children are still fed and (mostly) clothed so as far as I’m concerned #winningatparenting.

Last time I posted my backyard looked something like this…


If there were a speech bubble, it would read “holy crap, what have we done?!

Now it looks like this…


Wish I could take all the credit but it turns out Nicki isn’t the only one with a super bloke and while I may have kinda forgotten what he looks like, I hear my super bloke is now extremely tanned and about 10kgs lighter than 4 months ago.

We’re still a few months off being finished but in the meantime while my photographer takes a leave of absence to build, I thought it was about time I finally blogged one of my makes from the end of last year.

Some of you may remember I ran my first sewing retreat in November and this was one of my weekend projects, the Megan Neilsen Brumby Skirt.

brumby skirt front

Fellow Perth girl Megan was a super generous sponsor of the retreat and the weekend was the perfect opportunity to sew up such a quick and easy make during the blissful uninterrupted sew-time (*read child-free!*).

The fabric is a Spotlight chambray with teeny tiny orangey-pink polka dots through it.  I love the weight of this fabric and it works perfectly with the gathers in the skirt.

brumby skirt front full length 2

The skirt itself was a pretty straight forward make.  This is Version 1 and one of the other ladies at the retreat made a Version 3 although I couldn’t coax her into having a photo to show you.  You’ll just have to trust me – it was gorgeous!!

brumby skirt back

The exposed zip wasn’t finished as neatly as I would have liked but I think I just need a bit more practice on these.  The gorgeous metal zip was a gift from another one of lovely sponsors and fellow Aussie girl boss, Kristie of Boo! Designs.

brumby skirt front close

I love all the topstitching details and those POCKETS!!

I made a medium to suit my waist size but it’s still pretty snug and I should have basted the side seams/waistband and checked the fit before sewing it together.  It *does* fit but I wouldn’t want to be eating more than a salad that day.  Next time I’ll probably just reduce the side seam allowances a bit – I don’t think it’s enough to justify going up a full size.

Apart from that I absolutely LOVE this skirt and know I’ll be getting lots more wear of this one.

I recently ordered the Maker tee from Megan’s website as well.  She has a number of ready-made products including these tees that are made in India by women who have escaped human trafficking.  You can read more about it here.

Big thanks to Nicki (This is Moonlight) for taking these gorgeous pics for me at the retreat.

What’s everyone else been sewing lately?

Nat x

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