Sewing the Necessary Clutch Wallet

Do you ever have those “I can’t believe I made that?!?” sewing moments?

This make was without a doubt one of those moments for me!

necessary clutch wallet front

Unless you’re a newbie to the online sewing scene or perhaps like the shade of rocks…you’ll have heard of the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags.

Tell me I’m wrong?!

This one little pattern has taken the online sewing community by storm and I now *get* there’s a VERY good reason.  This purse is by far the most usable, clever AND pretty thing I’ve ever made.

necessary clutch wallet inside

There is a HUGE online community (cult?) dedicated to this one pattern.  It even has it”s very own Facebook group with nearly 1000 members!!

To be honest, before making it I was a bit “yeah, yeah, it’s good and everything but REALLY??!”

Now I’m like “REALLY!!!  You should totally make this!!”  Total convert here, without a doubt.

Ok, so what’s so awesome about it?

Firstly, it’s a fabulous purse.  I went out for dinner with girlfriends the other night and fit everything I needed inside.  Phone, keys, lippy, money, cards, coins. (and no, I didn’t take my Spotlight card, this shot was for demonstration purposes only!)

necessary clutch wallet inside full

Secondly, it was MUCH easier to make than I thought it would be.  The instructions were a leeeettle bit unnecessarily confusing in places but that’s the beauty of the Facebook group – everyone is so friendly and happy to help you out.

It’s not a super quick make, especially not the first time, but I know second time around will be much quicker.  The thing that took the longest this time was cutting the hole out for the latch.  Mostly because I was being SUPER careful not to stuff it up and cut too large a hole.  Next time I plan to use a craft knife rather than scissors which should be easier (I hope!)

I’m so proud of my machine for holding up to all that topstitching through the layers.  I’m mostly happy with it – using a denim needle was definitely a winner there.

necessary clutch wallet top stitch

There are countless tutorials available to adapt the purse in loads of ways…adding extra coin pouches, wrist strap, pen holder, sunglasses holder…the list goes on.

I’ve seen loads of these gorgeous purses around online but a recent fave was this one by Abby of Things for Boys.  The piping detail is just gorgeous.

This was my first make of this pattern but there will DEFINITELY be more.   If you’ve made one, I’d love to see your version!  Or tell me what extra things you added in.  I’m ready to start planning NCW #2!

Happy sewing!


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