Sewing a Messenger Bag for Captain Barnacles

messenger bag cover

Turns out it’s Octonauts week here at Sew Outnumbered (although let’s face, it every DAY is Octonauts day in my house at the moment!)

After sewing my little Captain Barnacles his very own Octocompass the other day, I decided to continue the theme by cutting into the precious almost-impossible-to-find Octonauts fabric I bought a couple of weeks ago and make him a messenger bag.

messenger bag 1

I’m probably a bit late on the old messenger bag bandwagon but I’m definitely convinced – this is by far one of the quickest and easiest kids projects you can sew!  And if you choose fabric related to whatever their favourite character/colour/pattern is at the moment, you’re destined to be on a WINNER.

I sewed it up using this tutorial which pretty much just takes you through sewing up two rectangular pouches, boxing the lower corners, then making a flap and strap and sewing it all together around the top edge.  This is a seriously easy project!

messenger bag 2

I didn’t really make any changes apart from boxing the corners AFTER sewing up the rectangle rather than cutting out the corners first.  That approach just made more sense to me.  I also topstitched the strap a little bit differently and am quietly (or LOUDLY) soooo proud of my almost perfectly parallel topstitching efforts.  Oh, that really satisfies the perfectionist in me, haha.

messenger bag 3

I sourced the fabric from the amazing Amy from Fabricoholic for Oz Handmaidens.  Amy is a genius at finding hard-to-get fabrics from who-knows-where?!  We met through a mutual friend in Melbourne and discovered we live 7 doors down from each other!  What are the odds, right?!

The rest of the fabric was stretch denim scraps I had left over from making his Skinny Jeans a couple of months ago.  (Issuing myself brownie points here)

messenger bag 4

Not much more to say except this is definitely a project to keep in mind for a last minute gift.

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