Sewing a City Girl Top

city girl top cover

Ok, so I sewed this City Girl top up about 2 months ago and have only just managed to get some photos!

Actually, I kind of  have you guys to thank for me making this anyways.  After adding it to  my June Sewing Plans, I went on to make the Julia Cardigan and Skinny Jeans and only remembered to make it when I checked my list at the end of the month.  If it wasn’t for me having said I was going to do it then I definitely wouldn’t have bothered.

So THANK YOU  – I’m soooo glad I did!!

I wasn’t overly excited when I first started it… maybe it was the fairly drab fabric choice and also not being sure if I was going to like how it turned out?

However, I’m thinking success, yes?

Here’s the scoop…


City Girl Top by See Kate Sew (part of the Pattern Anthology Just Add Jeans collection)

city girl top back

Version & Mods

I really liked the version in the photo on the pattern so that’s what I chose.  Pleated bodice (vs gathered), half sleeves and cowl.  I took it in by about 1/2 an inch on the side seams to make it slightly less tenty (FYI that’s officially a word now I’ve used it in a sentence).

Size & Fit

I made a medium and it may be *slightly* tight around the bust but I couldn’t bring myself to make a large (vanity is a curse).


Cotton Jersey.  It’s a fairly substantial weight which is helpful in the cooler weather.  I’ve paired it with a singlet underneath to reduce the draft issues – brrrr!!


Much like her Zippy Top, Kate’s instructions are simple and to the point with illustrated pictures.  There’s no prompting for pressing so you have to remember to do that.  If you’ve sewn a knit top before then you’ll find them easy enough to follow.

city girl top sleeve

I love a good twin needle hem!

(yes, I’m sad like that…)

Just for kicks, here’s another one…

city girl top hem


Confident beginner.  The construction is fairly basic but given that it’s a knit pattern, you’d want to know how to pin and fit pieces of knit fabric together as the instructions assume that knowledge.  It’s not hard to do, like anything you just have to give it a go!

city girl top cowl

I’m definitely happy with how this turned out.  I nearly didn’t add the cowl but I’m really glad I did now.

city girl top front

Til next time,

Nat x


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