Sewing for Christmas: Santa Sacks

Well, it’s official!  The silly season has begun!

Our next few weekends our packed full with Christmas catch ups with friends plus of course I’ve got a whole list of sewing projects to squeeze in between all the fun and frolics.

Today I’m joining Deanna from Sew McCool for her 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Blogger Challenge to share with you a bit about what Christmas means to me as well as some important Christmas sewing I’ve been up to.  I also can’t wait to check out what everyone around the globe has been sewing up for the festive season!

Here in Australia Christmas is always a warm affair.  Growing up in a family where my parents were both from the UK meant we still always used to have the whole roast dinner spread – even if it was 40 degrees outside!!

These days I think most people tend to embrace the summer Christmas a lot more so food is usually much more warm-weather friendly, like seafood on the barbeque, Christmas ham prepared in advance (on a cooler day!), lots of delicious decadent salads, puddings like pavlova (meringue with cream & fresh fruit) and so on.  This will definitely be the case for us this year – I’m thinking maybe a crispy pork belly (pre-prepared) with some sort of asian salad? Yum!

One Christmas tradition that has always stuck with me growing up was having our Santa Sacks laid out under the tree on Christmas Eve and waking up Christmas morning to see them fat and full of gifts.  I’ll never forget that feeling of being sooooo ridiculously excited and having such a happy time Christmas morning madly ripping open presents and checking out what everyone else had received.

santa sacks 84

After having my own children I knew Santa Sacks would definitely be a part of our own Christmas tradition and I’ve loved the fact that knowing how to sew means I’ve been able to make them myself.

santa sack full lengthsanta sack full length 2

Today I’m breaking my usual of not naming the boys on here but I figured it would look pretty silly to show you only half the sack!

Plus I really love how the applique turned out on the letters.  I love using applique – if you haven’t tried it before I definitely recommend it!  It’s super easy and a great beginners project.  Here’s a tutorial I wrote to help get you started.


Since we set up the Christmas tree last weekend my 4 year old is now constantly asking me to play “The Santa Game” with him where one of us lies asleep on the couch while the other one is Santa and fills the sacks up with toys.  Then it’s waking up time and we open our sacks on (pretend) Christmas morning.  It’s so cute!

sacks under tree

What Christmas traditions are in your family?  Did you do the whole Santa Sack thing as a child, or for your children?

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Catch you soon,


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