Sewing for my boys: Kudzu shorts

Despite the fact I’ve been a bit AWOL from the blog recently, I’ve actually still been doing a fair bit of sewing.  I’m hoping that means I’ve got the sewing v blogging ratio in the right perspective?!

I love sewing clothes for my boys and would say probably more than 50% of my 4yo’s wardrobe is mum-made.  Only trouble is, like most of us, I’m far too tempted by gorgeous fun prints I know will be winners in their eyes…race cars, Dr Seuss, dinosaurs, rockets…and so on.

It all sounds fabulous until 8am on a kindy morning when I’m sifting through the drawer like a mad woman trying to avoid having to match a llama tee with lorax shorts and accepting the reality that I really need to sew more plain staples so my kids don’t end up looking like a bad print-on-print fashion example from the 80s.

More shorts were needed so after I managed to pick up the Kudzu Cargos shorts pattern during last year’s Black Friday sales I decided to give them a go.

kudzu shorts both

Being completely honest, I’m still not sold on the pattern.  When I bought the pattern, I loved the look and convenience of the rib knit waistband and the “dressier” style of shorts and now having made them up I still really like the style.  The main issue I had was with fit.  The first pair I made up was intended for my 4yo and I chose the size based on the recommendations of the pattern.  I was a bit skeptical of sewing a 2 for him but decided to trust the pattern…besides the Small Fry Skinny Jeans recommend a 2 for him and the fit is perfect!

As I was cutting them I kinda knew they wouldn’t fit. That’s also with cutting the straight leg as opposed to skinny leg version.  I guess that’s the advantage of having two boys though… enter new pants for Mr Little!

kudzu shorts front

kudzu shorts back

There was absolutely no way these were going to fit Mr 4 and in fact they’re fairly squeezy on the little one too.  They’re definitely not designed to be worn with a nappy which I think is part of the problem.  I also chose a cargo drill for this first pair which has absolutely no stretch so that doesn’t help either.

kudzu shorts little front 2

They’re actually ok while he’s standing up but I’m fairly sure they can’t be too comfortable while he’s sitting down.  Sometimes you just gotta endure a little discomfort for fashion – even if you are 1!

kudzu shorts little back

On a side topic… Mr Little’s helicopter tee is one I sewed up last year but didn’t blog.  I’m sure there’s only so many boys tees you guys can take!!  It’s another gem from Laura of Titchy Threads and I tested it for her upcoming pattern release.  She assures us there’s going to be some awesome variations included.

kudzu shorts little front

For Kudzu pair number two I cut another straight leg version this time in size 4 also in a woven drill with no stretch.  I also added the elastic to the rib waistband which definitely helps with the fit on the waist.

kudzu shorts big front 2

kudzu shorts big back 2

The pattern does offer knee pleats so adding these would probably also really help with the fit and allow more room to move.

kudzu shorts big front

kudzu shorts big back

The fit on this pair is definitely better on my bigger boy sans nappy but given he’s usually a bit reluctant to wear them and tends to prefer other shorts, I don’t think they’re the most comfortable on him – kids really are the most honest critics!

So, the verdict?  Not super happy with the fit but I don’t think it’s all down to the pattern.  Some better fabric choices and addition of knee pleats I’m sure would help.  I love the look of them and they’re definitely a great beginner option for smart looking shorts that doesn’t involve a more complicated waistband.  However, if you have kids with more ‘meat’ on their legs then I’d probably steer away from this one.

Has anyone else been sewing for boys lately?

Nat x

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