Sewing a Boy’s Wedding Outfit

Last week we enjoyed a fabulous time away in the beautiful Margaret River Region of WA with the highlight of course being my beautiful friend’s wedding on Saturday. 

The special occasion gave me a great excuse to sew up some “smart clothes” for my Big Boy so he could look just like Daddy.  And didn’t he look a million dollars??

wedding vest and  pants cover

It was a little challenging trying to get him to stand still for the pics with all the excitement and cake going on but here they are along with the sewing deets…

wedding vest and pants

For the main fabric, I upcycled a pair of large men’s pinstripe trousers that I picked up at a thrift store.  I used these to make both the pants and the front of the vest.  This made the whole outfit VERY economical – especially considering the prices of similar outfits I had seen in the shops!

The pants are the Classic Chinos from Peek-a-Boo patterns (affiliate link).  I made the 2T size but with the 3T length and they fitted brilliantly.  This was my first time making welt pockets and I’m soooooo proud of how beautifully they came out!  And they were really quite easy, so *check* another sewing skill achieved!  They also had regular pockets at the front and I went for the faux fly to make life a bit easier.

wedding vest and  pants 5

I had a bit of trouble with the instructions for the waistband around where it meets the faux fly in the front.  Now that I’m getting more confident with waistbands, I think I might just go with my gut next time rather than trying to follow the way the pattern describes.

Next up is the vest which I sewed using the simply fabulous Schoolboy Vest Pattern by Sew Much Ado.  I was privileged to be a pattern tester for this vest a few weeks ago and made an adorable one for Mr Little.  This time I used a size 3T for the Big Boy and the fit was PERFECT!  I went for the faux welt pockets and didn’t bother with the back ties.  It didn’t need the ties anyway as the fit was just right.

wedding vest and  pants 3

For the fabric I used the upcycled pants for the front and a plain black quilting cotton for the back (only because I didn’t have enough upcycled fabric left).  For the lining I used plain black polyester lining.  It was all fairly slippery to work with but I used my walking foot which helped a lot.

Finally, I made some bowties using this tutorial by a Lemon Squeezy Home for the Big Boy and two of his little buddies.  They looked soooo adorable!!!

wedding vest and  pants 2

I confess I didn’t make his shirt this time but it’s definitely on the “to-do” list for some time in the future.

So what do you think??  If you’ve got a special occasion coming up I definitely recommend giving it a go.

Is anyone else participating in Kids Clothes Week starting next Monday?  I’m building up a great Sewing for Little Boys Pinterest Board if you’re looking for inspiration for your own little men so please check it out!

Stay tuned for lots of boys outfits here on the blog next week.

Happy sewing!

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