Sewing for Baby: My fave bib with free PDF pattern

Welcome to the Sewing for Baby series I’m holding this week where I’m sharing with you some of my favourite baby projects, patterns and tutorials.

To kick it off, today I’m sharing a free pdf pattern with you all – the Large Bib Pattern!  (keep scrolling to download the pattern…)

bib pattern

I admit, it’s not really genius… when I was given the gift of a bib for my Big Boy 3 years ago, I loved the size and shape of it so much that I literally just traced it adding on a ½ inch seam allowance and whipped up a few more.  Of course, you can do the same by tracing one yourself if you prefer, but as they say, here’s one I prepared earlier!

I found the shape and size of this bib fitted my bub perfectly for when he started solids around 6 months of age and they lasted him for ages!  (I think he was about 2 before I succumbed to accepting the mess on his t-shirts rather than making him wear a bib.  Did I mention I’m a bit of a clean freak?)


There are loads of advantages of making your own bibs.  Firstly they are really quick and simple to make – a perfect beginner project or quick gift for a friend, work colleague or neighbour.

Secondly, you get to use some gorgeous fabrics (thereby giving you an excuse to go fabric shopping – you’re welcome!).  Actually they’re a great way to use up large scraps too.

You can choose the type of fabrics you prefer.  My favourites for the front side are either quilting cotton (in super adorable baby prints), or laminated cotton for easy wiping.  For the back side you could use terry, fleece, or my favourite is a polyester water resistant fabric that is used for spray jackets.  I can’t remember the exact name as it’s been ages since I bought it, but I got it from Textile Traders (my local Spotlight doesn’t sell it).  Really there’s loads of options so it’s up to you!

bib back

If you like a bit of absorbency, you could also add an absorbent layer in the middle – bamboo wadding would work perfectly for this (it’s the absorbent layer of choice for most modern cloth nappies, washable breast pads etc).

Finally, you can add a pocket to the front to help catch some (ok, a little bit) of the mess otherwise headed for the floor.

So, how do you do it?  Easy!  Here are the steps:

1)      Download and print out my Large Bib Pattern (or trace your own if you prefer).

2)      Cut 2 pieces, one in your main (front) fabric and one in your backing fabric of choice.  If you want to add a pocket, cut that out too.

3)      Lay your main piece right side up on the table and lay the pocket right side up on top.

4)      Then lay your backing fabric so the right side down, so it’s facing the right side of the main and pocket piece and pin together.

5)      Sew around the edge with a 12 mm or ½ inch seam allowance, leaving a gap of around 3-5cm (1 ½ to 2 inches).  Make sure you backstitch where you start and end your sewing.

6)      Turn your bib right side out and press.

7)      Top stitch around the whole bib, approx. 3mm or 1/8 inch from the outer edge (this will also sew your hole closed).

8)      Add snaps or a small piece of Velcro to the top and you’re done!

So, who’s up for sewing some bibs this week?  I think I’ll make a few more to use up a bunch of scraps I have and have a few quick pressies on hand for when I don’t have time to make something.

Happy sewing!


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