Sewing for Baby: Bloomers and change mats and pillows, oh my!

Welcome back to the Sewing for Baby series on Sew Outnumbered.  Yesterday I shared with you my fave bib pattern that you can download as a free PDF!

Today I’m sharing with you my all-time favourite baby sewing book.  When it comes to easy-to-sew baby gifts, I seriously LOVE this book – Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers by Lotta Jansdotter (affiliate link).  This was one of the first sewing books I bought back in 2011, at a time when I really started to get back into sewing.  I made a bunch of projects out of this book for my now Big Boy, and then started making them as gifts for friends too.  If you’re looking for an easy one-stop-shop of  baby gifts, then this is the book for you!

simple sewing for baby book

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favourites I’ve made over the years, and if you join me back here tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a link I found to a free pattern from the book! (all above board of course)

So here goes…

First up is a super handy and easy to make change mat.  I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve made for friends over the past three years.  In fact I’ve got one hiding away in a drawer for an easy gift if I get caught out!

baby change mat

  baby change mat folded

I love this change mat because it rolls up nice and neat in the bottom of my bag and you can just throw it straight in the wash whenever you need to!  (just don’t forget to stick the Velcro back on itself – that stuff sticks to EVERYTHING!!)

baby change mat rolled

Next is the nursing pillow.  I actually rarely used it for that purpose but it’s also the PERFECT size for helping to catch bubs when they’re learning to sit up!  The instructions just call for a simple sew-together-and-stuff method but I decided to make a cover for mine.  I just used calico for the cushion part (that I stuffed) and then made a zippered cover by increasing the seam allowances by about ¼ inch all around.  It’s super handy and I’ve loaned it to about three friends in between my babies.

  baby pillow 2

  baby pillow

Next up are these cute little bloomers!  I only made the mistake of putting my Big Boy baby down for a nap without a cover for his nappy once. NEVER again!  I won’t subject you to the details but you can see where I’m going with this…

Here is my Little wearing the hand-me-downs from his brother.

baby bloomers

What little bub can do without a taggie?  Granted these are pretty simple to make and you don’t really need a pattern but it’s handy for the instructions regardless, particularly if you’re a beginner.


And finally, here’s a little pressie that my girlfriend made for Mr Little (thanks friend!) – she bought the book after I showed mine to her because she loved it too!  Here’s his bib kerchief and soft rattle.

bib kerchief

Oh, isn’t he just so SCRUMMY?!

Of course there are loads more cute little projects in the book – including my all time favourite which you will have to wait until tomorrow for!

I really recommend this book – I keep coming back to it time and time again.  As I’m an affiliate with the Book Depository, if you decide purchase it through my link then I receive a small commission.  So BIG thank yous and virtual *high fives* if you decide to do this!

Happy sewing!


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