Seamwork Adelaide Dress

There are so many awesome new things going on in the online sewing world at the moment.  I’ve only been really involved in this community for just over 3 years but even in that short time there are some incredibly motivated and talented people doing amazing things.

Late last year when Sarai of Colette Patterns released her latest venture, Seamwork magazine, I signed up straight away!  It’s a such an aesthetically beautiful publication and gives me an excuse once a month to grab a glass of vino, put my feet up on the couch and learn, read and enjoy all the gorgeous things.

adelaide dress neck binding

It’s taken me until recently to actually get around to sewing up one of the patterns – the Adelaide Dress.

As per my usual style, it’s been a 6 month epic to get to this blog post.  Choosing the pattern, getting it printed, buying fabric, deciding it needed to be lined, buying lining, cutting out, deciding to finish edges with bias tape, making bias tape, blah blah blah… You get the idea.  I’m not really your whip-projects-out-overnight kinda girl.

adelaide dress front

(not sure what I was thinking about in this pic…. SMILE woman!)

I cut the pattern in a straight 10.  The fit is pretty loose and casual so it’s very forgiving.  Mine’s a bit wide across the front neck line which results in a bit of bra flashing when I bend over.  I don’t think I sewed the placket wide enough for some reason I can’t remember which I expect is the cause of flash-issues.

The fabric is a voile from Spotlight and after cutting I realised it was probably going to be too see-through so I’ve lined it with a light grey voile which keeps it light enough for summer but prevents additional indecency!

adelaide dress front snaps

You can see the dress details more clearly in these pics.  It has a belt to help cinch the waist in the middle and create a bit more shape and a snap closure all the way down the front.  This makes it super quick to take off (stripper style!) but a bit of a pain to put back on.

adelaide dress front on hanger

So my verdict?  I’m super happy with making a really comfortable, everyday dress that I know will get loads of wear.

Will I make another one?  Probably not.  The promise of a 3-hour make by Seamwork was pretty ambitious in my opinion, even without lining it.  Even just the snaps took around 1/2 an hour so I’d be pretty impressed if anyone knocked this up in 3 hours!  Let me know if you do – I’ll send you a virtual sewing legend status!!

adelaide dress front 4

I definitely recommend sussing out the magazine though, if you haven’t already.  The content itself is available free for download every month but subscribers get credits to download two patterns from the Seamwork collection for around AUD$8 ($6USD) a month.  Excellent value plus, subscribers referred by me receive their first issue half price so this is an excellent way to give it a try for just a few dollars.  Just click through on this link.  You can also check out Seamwork Radio which started up recently too.

In other news, life is about to get cray-cray for me in the next few weeks.  We’re demolishing half our house and rebuilding with a second storey as owner-builders.  Super scary stuff but exciting all the same.  I promise to post some pics of my non-house and me attempting not to lose my mind!

I hope things are more relaxing in your world!

Catch ya,


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