Scooter Buddy Blog Tour Day 2: Hunting for Ladybugs

Next stop on the Scooter Tour is Sarah of Hunting for Ladybugs!

Sarah is a fellow West Aussie and while she doesn’t have a blog, she does have a gorgeous website for her business selling sewing project kits.  These kits are absolutely perfect for the beginner sewist who is looking for an easy project but doesn’t know where to start.  I love this concept and am all for any initiative that gets people sewing!

As well as her page on Facebook, Sarah has some fabulous Pinterest boards so be sure to pop on over and have a look!  She’s also a contributor to the Sewing Down Under Pinterest board.

Anyway, on to the Scooter Buddies!  Yes, buddIES because Sarah has sewn up not one but two of these bad boys for her little munchkins! Over to you Sarah…

I love to sew but I am resisting starting a blog so I’d like to thank Natalie for letting me take over Sew Outnumbered for today.

HFL Scooter Buddy 1

I made two Scooter Buddies a few weeks ago for the two farm kids who live around here.  I used a thick dark denim as my outer fabric and then tractors for the farm boy and the farm girl picked sprinkles.

As we all do, I deviated from the instructions just a little.  In hindsight, I probably didn’t need to interface the denim.  Doing so made it very thick when I came to turning them through right sides out so I couldn’t box the corners.

HFL Scooter Buddy 2

The first thing I want to share with you is these fantastic tools calls Turn-It-All.  The best place I’ve found to buy them is here on eBay.

There are three different sized pipes and sticks and they make turning fabric tubes an absolute breeze.  They’re also good for bag handles.  I then used my point turner tool to make those corners nice and sharp.

HFL Scooter Buddy 3

HFL Scooter Buddy 4

I also did the zips a little differently.  I sewed the tab onto the end of the zipper first and then folding it back to topstitch.  It gives the same result so who knows why I like the double handling.

HFL Scooter Buddy 5

I really loved how the elastic part came together.  Such a neat finish.

HFL Scooter Buddy 6

I’d probably use a 6” zipper next time I make one of these to make sure I had just tab within my side seams instead of the metal clasps at the end of the zipper.  I marked them with a lead pencil to make sure I’d miss them with my needle as I sewed around the side seams. (I’m not the only one to scribble all over the wrong side of sewing projects am I?)

HFL Scooter Buddy 7

As I said, my outer fabric was too thick to box the corners.  It also didn’t help that I left my turning gap on the bottom edge so that gave even less room.  I ended up just making two lines of stitching to close the gap and then a bit higher to shorten the main body pocket so things didn’t fall all the way to the bottom.

HFL Scooter Buddy 8

HFL Scooter Buddy 9

And here they are in all their glory.  Of course my son insisted that his buddy be strapped onto his tractor – can you see it hiding under there?

HFL Scooter Buddy 10

HFL Scooter Buddy 11

We do own a scooter so you can see the other one more clearly.

Thanks to Natalie for inviting me to join in her Scooter Buddy fun.

HFL Scooter Buddy 1

You can connect with me over at to see my new range of ‘sew your own’ project kits or pop by for a visit on my Facebook page at

Thanks again for Natalie for having me as part of the Scooter Buddy Blog Hop.  I really enjoyed the opportunity and the farm kids (and I) are thrilled with their new treasure keepers for when we venture out and about around the farm.

You’re welcome Sarah!!  My boys would LOVE that tractor up at their grandparents farm!!

Thanks again for coming along.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we’ll be crossing the equator to catch up with Irene from Serger Pepper.

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