Project Capsule Wardrobe Part 2: The Clean Out

It’s a couple of weeks now since we went away on a little family holiday and I spent my free (ahem, usually sewing) time researching and planning my new capsule wardrobe.  What’s a capsule wardrobe you ask?  Find out more here in last week’s post.

project capsule wardrobe PART 2

Since sharing the idea with you I’ve been busy, busy clearing out my wardrobe and, WOWSERS!… what a difference a ruthless cull makes!

Here is my wardrobe and drawer pre-cull…

pre cull wardrobe

pre cull drawer

We live in a small 1940s house so there’s not a heap of room for storage.  On the bottom shelf of the wardrobe is a big bag full of maternity and pregnancy friendly clothes (not quite ready to part with yet!) plus two boxes of shoes.  The rest of my shoes live under the bed.  We also have a shared hanging cupboard which was half full of my things too.

So, what did I do?

Literally pulled everything out of the cupboard – like EVERYTHING – and threw it on the bed.  I couldn’t do it all at once coz there wasn’t enough room on the bed.  Here’s a taster of what it looked like…

clothes on bed

And what I looked like…

wardrobe cull

Following the advice from Unfancy, I went through and put back only stuff that I wear currently on a regular basis, and actually enjoy wearing.  I think this “enjoy wearing” part is the most important bit.  Seriously, if you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit properly, were bought in haste because you needed something in a hurry and don’t really enjoy wearing … GET RID OF IT!!!    At least that’s the approach I went with.  I had quite a  few dresses/items that still look lovely on but I haven’t worn in three years or more.  They’re out!

I did have a few exceptions for a couple of dresses that were bought for fancy occasions, like weddings etc.  And a few items that snuck back in that are brand new, still unworn and I’m SURE I will wear in the next 12 months (bearing in mind I had a baby 15 months ago so things have only started to recently get back to normal).

Same with the shoes.  If they haven’t been worn in the last 12 months, or have a specific outfit to match (like a dress for a wedding) they’re gone.

By the time I’d finished, I had a few piles of clothes:

  • Those that can be used for upcycling, sewing muslins etc.
  • Those to be donated to charity
  • Those to be either sold/taken to second hand store/donated
  • Those for the bin
  • Those that won’t be worn until autumn so now live in a clear container where the second box of shoes used to be.

Here’s the proof…

wardrobe post cull

Check out all those empty coat hangers!

And the drawer which could barely be closed before…

drawer post cull

I admit I was feeling pretty nervous about it for a few days and am still a bit limited on what I have to wear at the moment but the plans for the summer capsule are coming on so I’ll start to refill a bit more over the coming weeks.

The difference being however that any clothing purchases will be PLANNED.  What I mean is, when I go shopping I’ve actually got a list of items, including style, colour etc that I’m looking for so that I know when I buy something it will mix and match with everything else.

These plans still aren’t quite finished yet so I’ll blog more about that later.

But for now…I wanna know…are you on board too??

Come oooooonnnnn!  It’ll be like a wardrobe intervention!  I have two friends (one a sewer, one not) already joining me and feeling sooo much better for getting rid of all. the. clothes.

Nat x

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