Perth Frocktails

Last night was the inaugural Perth Frocktails event and boy was it frock-tabulous!!!

If you don’t know what I’m on about, Frocktails was started by Kat a few years back in Melbourne and now us Aussies are frocking it up all over the country!  The concept?  Sew yourself a dress (or dig something hand-made out of your closet), doll-yourself up and head out for dinner and a cocktail (or three?) with local sewing lovers!

There were some exciting previews over Instagram in the preceding week with a few of us tearing our hair out, sew cramming and yelling – “what the hell was I thinking starting a brand new pattern in my best fabric three days before I plan to wear it?!?!?”

But sew them we did, and after a bit of hair and makeup we were ready to head on out to what felt like the best group blind date in history!

Frocktails v8280

The Precinct were our fabulous hosts and the delicious shared plate menu and obligatory cocktail went down a treat!

Apart from the obvious gawking over everyone’s incredible outfits I think for me the best part of the night was meeting with 16 other amazing women who love sewing as much as me and who were just Oh. So. Lovely!!

Here’s a few pics with links to Instagram feeds in case you’re not already following all the Perth sewing goodness.  Unfortunately I didn’t get pics of everyone’s dresses up close but I’ve seen other pics floating around Instagram so stalk away on #perthfrocktails.

perth frocktails anna dress

Two lovely Annas by Eleanor and Deepti.

perth frocktails dresses 2

Megan, Nicki (more deets on her stunning dress here), Megan and Sue all looked stunning in their Frocktails get up!

perth frocktails dresses

Bree, Eleanor and myself breathing a deep sigh of relief after a stressful few days of sewing!

perth frocktails table

Here we are enjoying our dinner and cocktail fun – (L-R clockwise) Belinda, Megan, Ellen, Bree, Amanda, Deepti, Alice, Sandra and Helen.

perth frocktails table 2

And down the other end of the table, Alison, Andrea, Carolyn, Nicki, (Amanda and Alice getting in on more of the photo action!), Sue, Megan and Eleanor.

And just like that it was 11.30pm and we were out on the footpath still chatting and not ready to head home. *Let’s all stand naturally like we don’t know someone’s taking our photo…*

perth frocktails group

perth frocktails dresses 3

Deepti and Alice.

perth frocktails nat alison

Alison and me.

Eventually though, heels and the risk of turning into pumpkins got the better of us.

So that was Perth Frocktails for this year but we all agreed this is an annual event from now on (even sooner as requested by some!)

Until next time ladies!!

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