Jump Sallie! Jump! (suit)

A couple of months back I received an invite in the post for my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday celebration – 70s and 80s themed.  Clearly images of my furrowed eyebrows and thoughts of “what the hell am I going to wear?!?” travelled swiftly across a number of central Australian deserts and the Pacific because I swear THE NEXT DAY Heather Lou released her latest Closet Case Files pattern – the Sallie Jumpsuit and Maxi Dress.

Sallie Jumpsuit front

Freaking GENIUS Heather!!

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Sewing Scout Raglan Sweaters

Have you seen the latest pattern release from Make It Perfect?  A few weeks back Toni emailed me out of the blue to ask if I’d be interested in testing her new pattern – the Scout Raglan Sweatshirt.   Well yes!  Always happy to help out a fellow Aussie plus I have two little boys in desperate need of some wardrobe filling so a super quick make like this was PERFECT! (ahem, pun intended)

scout raglan dinosaur side

This is one of those pattern library/wardrobe staples that I’ll definitely be using over and over.  

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EYMM Kymy Dolman top & Blog Tour

Dresses, skirts, pants are all fun to make but sometimes you know you just need a top to throw on with some jeans when you’re heading out for the school run, or down to the shops, or out for lunch?  One of those for me is a plain grey RTW dolman top and even though it really needs chucking out (like, it has HOLES for goodness sake!), I’ve been hanging onto it with plans to draft it first.

Two years on it still isn’t drafted so when I spotted the EYMM Kymy Dolman top I accepted defeat and figured the purchase of this pattern would be a much quicker and easier alternative.

kymy dolman top front 2

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Winter Carolyn Pajamas

When the weather turns cold and you resort to wearing hoodie sweaters to bed, you pretty much know a pair of flannelette pajamas won’t go astray.

Heather Lou (Closet Case Files) released the Carolyn Pajamas pattern a few months back and I snapped it up straight away to whip up a pair of deliciously soft rayon pj shorts to help me through the remaining summer.  I finally got around to finishing this full pair of Carolyns last week and am now bathing in cozy bedtime warmness as a result – no more hoodies to bed!

carolyn pajamas front 4

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Boy Sewing: Hoot Pajamas

Helloooooo sewing peeps!  Yep, still here and despite some crazy ups and downs over the past few months I’m still sewing.  I tell Craig it’s cheaper than therapy but we all know that’s probably not true…

There was a flurry of excitement from a few of you over this Hoot fabric on Instagram when I was sewing them a few weeks back so here they are in full and in the flesh.

hoot pajamas full sitting

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Safari Raglan Tee – New Release Pattern!

Why helloooooo!!  Yes, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve fallen off the face of the earth but I promise I am still here and sewing (a little).  Life has just been a bit crazy these past few months!

I had the opportunity to test the latest pattern release from Titchy Threads recently and as you all know I’m a big fan of Laura’s patterns.  This one definitely didn’t disappoint!

moustache raglan front

The Safari Raglan Tee pattern also includes an option for a cute little knit dress as well so offers great value for those of you with girls too.  Here’s a cute stripy version.

The best feature of the long sleeve version?  The puppet sleeves obviously!

moustache raglan puppet hands

I was in awe of all the super creative testers who came up with fabulous ideas for their puppet hands (fun flamingos, characters from Planes and more!)  I had a failed attempt with my fabric paint test on this occasion so unfortunately this tee didn’t get the planned moustache face on the sleeve.  I think I need some more googling or perhaps just better paint next time.  Got any tips for me??

I tested a size 4 for my 4 year old and I really like the fit.  A bit of room for growth which is always helpful and the sleeve length was spot on.

moustache raglan side

The feature fabric is a gem I picked up from The Art of Fabric, one of my favourite online shops for boys knit prints at the moment.  I have a pile of about 7 others to whip into more tees when I get a spare five minutes!

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my twin needle hemming popping open after just a few washes so I decided to use a tricot (three-step-zigzag) for this tee.  I’m really happy with the result and hoping it lasts longer than the others (or at least until I get myself a coverstitch machine!)

moustache raglan hem

You might remember my original test of this tee from last year?  Have a look here if you want to check out the short sleeve version.

I hope you guys have more sewjo than me right now and are whipping up some gorgeous makes.  I’m in the midst of one other pattern test at the moment so look forwarding to sharing that one with you soon!

Nat x