Octonauts Birthday Party: including links to printables and tips to make your own!

Did you catch my post last month on the Captain Barnacles costume I made my 4yo??  Well today’s post isn’t really sewing related apart from the appearance of that costume but given that my life was pretty much taken over for the two weeks prior to this party, I figured it deserved some blogging!!

octonauts birthday party cover

At the moment there are no Octonaut related party supplies available for purchase (not that I could find anyway!)  so that meant everything had to be made by me.  Trust me, if I could have bought it, I would have!!  It was totally worth it though…I loved how everything turned out – what do you think??

First up… Decorations

octonauts balloon banner

I found the idea for the balloon banner here and love the look of how full it is.  I’ll definitely be making more of these in the future.

octonauts happy birthday banner

The Happy Birthday banner came from here.

octonauts party favors

For the favours, I used bought noodle boxes as Peso’s medical bags and printed the blue bandaid stickers from here.  Each child also received their own certificate deeming them an honorary Octonaut.

octonauts table and screens

A HUGE thanks has to go out to Jen from The Suburban Mom who went out of her way to send me some pre-blogged printables (including the certificate) which she’ll be sharing very soon.  I also used the screens printables that she sent me which were set up to represent the Octonauts HQ.

I also used her free downloadable Bingo game as the inspiration for putting together a Memory game which was great for adding to the party favours.  You can download your own copy here.  It took me FOR.E.VER to get the margins right so that when you print the two pages double sided they match up.  I hope it works for you!!

octonauts party hats

The sign on the food table was also made by me and you can click here to download a copy for yourself.

If you want to make your own printables…here are a few helpful tips!  The Octonauts font is called Rosewood Std Fill and I downloaded it here for free.  The codes for the colours you need are R5 G89 B135 or #055987 (for the blue) and R253 G122 B31 or #FD7A1F(for the orange).

I found the idea for the hats here and they were a HUGE hit with my 4yo!  There were a couple of spares left over and he’s still wearing them around the house.  They were pretty simple to make, I just made a template using my French curve and sticking on the logo and a strip of paper.


octonauts fruit gup a


octonauts octopus dip

Thanks again Pinterest for the ideas behind the GUP fruit bowl and Octopus dip.  I was going to use a watermelon for the GUP but given it’s the middle of winter here and a whole watermelon was going to cost me $45, I went for a rockmelon instead!

octonauts birthday cake

The cake was all me and not my finest cake making effort but it was made to order with Octonaut toys as the key priority for my boy.  In fact, he told me he didn’t want candles because he was worried there wouldn’t be enough room for all the Octonaut toys… spoiled much?? Haha


I only did one game but thankfully it was a BIG hit!!

Inspired by this pin, I set up an obstacle course around our backyard which was an Octonauts mission to save the sea creatures.

octonauts party game obstacle course

First they had to walk over the coral reef (the plank of wood), then zigzag through the hydro-thermal vents (orange cones), crawl through the deep sea trench (tunnel), run through the kelp forest (green streamers), go around the island (our vege planters) and lastly through the dark sea cave (underneath the trampoline).  I then set up a box filled with plastic sea creatures and the kids had to choose one creature, give it to mum or dad and then go around again until they were all rescued.

octonauts party game obstacle course 2

I decided not to have winners or prizes… I think at their age it’s not really necessary and no-one seemed to care anyway as they were all having so much fun!

So there you have it!  One party declared a success!  One Mummy glad it’s over for another year haha!

You can check out my Octonauts birthday party Pinterest board if you’re looking for more ideas.

Happy partying!



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