Octonauts birthday fun: Sewing for Captain Barnacles

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that my 4 year old is a HUGE Octonauts fan.  I’m talking EPIC.  I’d estimate his conversation revolves around the Octonauts say…80-90% of the time?  And he talks a LOT!

If you don’t know the Octonauts, they are an underwater rescue team comprising of eight characters each with their own role (medic penguin, scientist sea otter, pirate cat etc).  The Octopod’s captain is a polar bear – Captain Barnacles and my  little man’s absolute favourite character.  He even has the teachers at daycare calling him Captain!

I wasn’t originally planning to throw a themed birthday party this year with Little’s first coming up but given the proportion of this obsession I decided to suck it up and go for it. You’re only four once right??

My Octonauts party Pinterest board was both my saviour and my worst enemy.  Word of warning…don’t show potential party girls/boys your party Pinterest boards!!  “Ooo! Mummy can you make that?  And that? And that?…”

I’ll be sharing more details on the party later this week but today I wanted to show you the outfit I made for his special day.

captain barnacles costume

This costume ended up taking up waaaaayyyy more time than I anticipated from sourcing the right colour fabrics, to adapting the top pattern from the tshirt pattern I drafted recently.  Then that COLLAR – man that thing nearly had me chuck it all in!

For the pants, I used the free Retro Sweatpants pattern – the same one I made here – and took in the side seams to slim them down a bit.

I used pale blue ribbing for the waistband and ankle cuffs and added a white pom pom for the tail at the back – cute!!

Sewing a captain barnacles costume

For the top I used a self-drafted pattern to which I added a collar (more than once).  I haven’t attached many collars like this before so I was pretty much winging it.  And because the collar was made from woven (non-stretch) fabric it was tricky to fit perfectly.  In the end it still sticks up a bit so probably needed to be a bit shorter but I was so over it by the time I finished that I didn’t care!  Also the insides were a bit of a mess.  Another product of being OVER IT!!

Sewing a captain barnacles costume

I wasn’t going to bother with a zipper as the collar took so much time and it was the day before the party but then I realised with having made a woven collar, it wasn’t going to stretch over his head.  ARRRGHHH!!!  So the zipper was attached.

White ribbing was used on the wrist bands for his polar bear hands.

The belt was quick and easy – two long pieces of blue fabric,  fusible interfacing, two strips of yellow bias tape, then Velcro at the back.  I made the Octocompass a couple of weeks ago (tutorial here) so that attached on easily and made it all the more authentic.

captain barnacles pants 2

This guy was so chuffed when he was all dressed up that of course it made the hard work all worthwhile.  Here he is prepping for the party (i.e. Octonauts on the iPad)…

captain barnacles costume 2

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