New Pattern Release! Sew Your Own Miss Audrey Tea Dress

I love sewing my for family, I really do, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as making a beautiful dress for myself that I can be proud to wear.

So when the lovely Ann from 1 Puddle Lane asked me to test her Miss Audrey Tea Dress recently I was thrilled for the excuse to make something for me!

Ann is an amazingly talented seamstress who has been making these beautiful custom fit dresses for women all over the country under her business Audrey Lane (check it out there are some beauties!) and she is finally about to release has just released the pattern so you too can make your own! There will also be an awesome sew-along happening starting December 1st so you can have an Audrey Dress just in time for Christmas!  Check out her post HERE to sign up for the sew-along.  Ann is super helpful and will get you sewing up a perfectly fitting dress in no time!

miss audrey dress front

I absolutely LOVE the design of this dress.  It’s beautifully fitted through the bodice and with the option of either a pleated or gathered skirt.  It’s elegant and flattering, hiding all manner of tummy sins!  There is also a choice of either a lined or unlined version.

miss audrey dress front cover large

This is my first version of the dress so I went for the unlined version.  I cut a straight size 10 with a B cup.  There are different cup size options so that large or small, everyone’s a winner!

Ann was super helpful with some great fitting/alteration instructions to help me get my calico bodice toile just right.  She’s also put a couple of these on her blog and there will be more to come so there’ll be no trouble for those of us fairly new to making dresses for ourselves.   In fact you can check out  my terrible toile selfies on Ann’s blog – the upside being no more gaping neckline as well as a sway back alteration.

miss audrey dress front bodice

Here are the pleats.  I LOVE pleats!  Remember my last vintage style dress with pleats?  By the way, this pattern was soooooo much easier to put together!  And more flattering in my opinion.

miss audrey dress pleats

Pleats at the back…

miss audrey dress back pleats

And pockets!  I’m not always a big fan of pockets in dresses as they can sometimes look a bit bulky but these are so beautifully incorporated you wouldn’t even know they were there (until you need to use them!)

miss audrey dress back


miss audrey dress pocket

Just coz I can’t get enough of this dress, here are some close ups of the bodice…

miss audrey dress front bodice 2

Never did I value the need for an invisible zipper foot until after I thought I could do a good enough job with my regular zipper foot.  I zipped (groan…)out the next day and bought one ready for dress number two.

miss audrey dress back bodice

And finally my machine sewn blind hem, coz I don’t “do” handstitching (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary).

miss audrey dress blind hem

So there is my gorgeous Miss Audrey Tea Dress – heeled up and ready to be taken out!

Ok, so I think I went inside and cooked dinner after these pics BUT I did wear it out to a friend’s birthday lunch at a brewery on Sunday with some strappy flats and it definitely wasn’t too dressy.

miss audrey dress front long

Keep your eyes peeled for this pattern when it’s released on Wednesday 26th November. You can pick up the pattern from her website HERE and if you’re after a discount, just sign up for her newsletter for the 20% off code.

And if you want to see more sewing like this, be sure to sign up for my newsletter HERE as I’ve got heaps in my sewn but unblogged pile ready to be shared in the next week or two.

Now to choose which Audrey to sew next…feminine floral or modern colour splash?

Nat x

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