Men’s sewing: A Strathcona tee

Today I get to introduce another member of the Sew Outnumbered family, my dashingly handsome husband, Craig (yes, just in case he’s reading…)

After all the pestering a while back to make him something and successfully sewing up a couple of pairs of boxers, I got all excited and bought a bunch of patterns and fabric.  It seems I have no trouble with this part of the sewing process – tell me I’m not the only one?!

Anyway, after spending all last week sewing up a gorgeous Miss Audrey Tea Dress for myself I decided it was time to get sewing one of these men’s patterns.

strathcona mens tee front

This first one was intended to be a bit of a trial run but I think it’s turned out really well and given Craig’s worn it 2 out of the last 4 days I think it’s a winner!

Here’s some more on the sew…


The Strathcona Henley by Thread Theory (I also recently discovered a great Aussie online pattern merchant – Indie Stitches – and you can purchase this pattern from them too!)

Version and Mods

For the first I decided to go with the basic short sleeve crew neck version. There is an option for sleeve cuffs but they were quite wide so I just measured my own at 90% of the sleeve diameter, so not too tight.

strathcona mens tee front 2

Size & Fit

I cut a large as suggested by the size guide and the fit is good.  Craig has mentioned that it might be *slightly* too tight under the arms but that will be easy to rectify in the next one as the seam allowances are generous at 5/8”.

The pattern was also really generous length wise which I guess is handy if you’re sewing for someone tall.  Craig is fairly average height at 5’8” so I had to chop a good 3” or so off the length.  I did the same for the sleeves which were also quite long.

strathcona mens tee back


Cotton Jersey – just a cheapie from Spotlight but the quality is actually not bad.

For the feature pocket (which I just traced off an existing tee), I used a sample swatch I ordered recently when Spoonflower had they latest free international delivery offer.  I’d not ordered from them before but have been hanging out to give them a try.  Not sure I’m creative enough to design my own fabric for printing but I’m happy to try out everyone else’s amazing designs! I’m not super convinced on the quality of the jersey knit fabric from here though – it’s a nice weight but not very good recovery.  That shouldn’t be a problem here as I’ve only used it on the pocket but I have a yard of another jersey to make the next Strathcona so will see how that goes.

strathcona mens tee pocket


To be honest, I didn’t really use the instructions much as I’ve made so many tees for the boys recently, the construction was just the same only on a larger scale.  At a glance they look good with detailed written instructions accompanying the illustrations.  This is the first Thread Theory pattern I’ve sewn but I also have the Jedediah Pants ready and waiting so I expect to be reading those instructions in much more detail!


Not difficult at all!  If you’ve made a child’s tee (like a Rowan tee) you’ll have no trouble putting this together.  I also had great success with my twin needle hem with this fabric so happy days!

So what do you think?  Should I keep going with the men’s patterns??

Actually I’ve worked out this is an awesome “guilt-free” way to sew.  He can’t complain I’m in the sewing room all day (weekend?) coz I’m making something for him. Secret’s out!


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