Maritime Shorts

Sometimes you have sewing wins.  Other times, not so much.  I definitely wouldn’t call these a fail coz I actually really love the pattern and think they’ve turned out great!  Trouble is they are waaaaaaayyyyyyy too big!

maritime shorts full length

Yep, shoulda tried them on sooner in the sewing process.  I did make some minor adjustments, a 1/4″ here and there but these really just wanted to hang out on my hips – it’s gotta be them, not me right?

Here’s more of an idea of how I think they should look held tight at the back…

maritime shorts front

The next pair will definitely be cut a size or two smaller!


Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studios


I’m fairly used to having a larger waist size recommendation compared to my hips.  For this make I cut a 10 based on my waist measurement.  According to my hip size I should have been a 6 but it would have been difficult to grade without distorting the style too much.  I think next time I’ll cut a straight 8 (or maybe a 7?).

Version & Mods

There is only one version but it’s a fairly classic style.  As this was my first time using the pattern, I didn’t make any modifications.  It would be great to add some welt pockets to the back I think and jazz up the inside with some contrast waist facing and pocket lining fabric.

maritime shorts back


I *think* from memory this was a cotton sateen but it’s fairly lightweight so I’m not 100% sure how accurate my memory is on that one.  I definitely picked it up at my local Textile Traders store which seems to be stocking some better dress fabrics these days.  Or is it just that I’m getting better at picking them?

maritime shorts side


I’m still a novice when it comes to zippered flys and I found the instructions to be pretty confusing.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend using these instructions if it’s your first go.  There’s a “tutorial” on the Grainline website which is supposed to help, but for me it was just more head scratching and brow furrowing!  It turned out great in the end except for one little left over seam that is poking out the wrong way but you can only see it from the inside.  Other than that, the rest of the instructions were fairly straight forward.


I would say intermediate mainly because of the zippered fly issues I had.  And make a muslin if you’re planning to use special fabric to check the fit!

Here’s my “helper” and how I look some (ok, most) days… mum, mum, mum, muuuuuuuummmmmmm!!

maritime shorts front helper


Overall while I’m disappointed with the fit, I really love how they’ve turned out.  And I’m pretty proud of that fly!

How do you describe a sewing win and fail at the same time?


Nat x

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