March Sewing Plans

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Wow!  What an exciting month February was for me both sewing and blogging-wise!  Looking back on my February sewing plans, I think I managed the majority of what I set out to do.  I didn’t get the Hungry Caterpillar laundry hamper started and I scrapped my plans for the dress I was going to make…keep reading to see why!

I did however finish my peacock harem pants, made a few pressies for some friends’ kids (will blog about this soon), made an adorable bow tie for the Big Boy ready for my friend’s wedding (did you see the picture on my facebook page or my flickr stream?), finished the pram liner (woohoo!) and posted three tutorials (washable breast pads, changing overlocker thread & making bias tape).  On top of that I posted a free applique template for the I {heart} sharks t-shirt I made in response to our state government’s recent plan to start culling sharks off our beautiful coastline.

I’m also claiming February as my most successful blogging month so far (not hard given there are only two months to choose from!!)  Celina from Petit a Petit & Family was one of the co-hosts from the Sewing Shades of Me series and she chose my Ruby Dress to feature as one of her favourites of the series – I was thrilled!  Ros from Sew Delicious also featured the gorgeous pouch that I received for the Sweet Pouch Swap in her wrap up post.  Finally, Abby from Sew Much Ado accepted me as a pattern tester for her new schoolboy vest pattern.  Exciting times!

Ok, enough blowing my own trumpet, here are my plans for March:

1)      Wedding outfit for my big boy: For my girlfriend’s wedding at the end of March, I plan to make some gorgeous Classic Chinos pants: Peekaboo patterns (affiliate link) as well as his Sew Much Ado schoolboy vest using a pair of upcycled pin stripe pants I picked up at a local thrift store.

2)      School boy vest for Little: This is my official pattern testing assignment from Sew Much Ado.

3)      Easy-to-remove pram liner tutorial: I’ve received feedback from a bunch of readers saying they would love a tutorial on how to make my pram liner – I’m thrilled so many people love it!  I’m going to attempt to digitise the pattern for my Valco pram to share with you all but need to learn how to do this so bear with me.

4)      Mad Men Challenge: This is the one I’m most excited about!  To explain I have to confess I may have a *slight* blogger crush.  I seriously LOVE everything made by Julia Bobbin and so it is that I simply must be involved in the challenge she’s hosting.  If you haven’t visited her blog before – don’t hesitate any longer!  She makes herself the most A-May-Zing dresses, like this one and this one.  My aim is to recreate this dress for the challenge.  I have the paper pattern already but silly me bought it in the larger sizes (16-24).  Duh – read the packet first Nat!  According to the measurements, I’m supposed to be a size 14 so I’m going to attempt to grade it down a size.  It could be a complete disaster but I promise to share either way.

5)      Laundry Hamper: This will be bottom of the list once again but I will do my best.  Given I’ll be having a sewing free week at the end of the month (when we head away for a week’s holiday before the wedding) I’ll have to see if I have time.

So that’s it!  If you’ve made it through the post I’m sending you a virtual *high five* and a BIG thanks for reading 🙂



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