Learning to sew lingerie

Ok, so I’m  moving on from all the boys tees I’ve been sharing over the past week and a bit – I hope you weren’t getting too sick of them!!

A couple of months ago I decided to check out what face to face sewing courses were around in the hopes of challenging myself a bit more and learning something new.  I was looking for something more like pattern drafting or dressmaking/tailoring but couldn’t find any short courses available before the end of the year.  Then I came across a lingerie sewing course and figured there would be lots of great techniques in learning to make small, fiddly items with stretch fabric and lace!

front cover

I’m three weeks in and to be honest, I’ve found it so much easier than I expected!  Most of the techniques we’ve learned so far, I have already used in the making of my Bombshell swimsuit (oh yeah, it’s soooooo close to being finished!!!)

Here are two of the items I’ve made so far…

The briefs…

lingerie briefs front

lingerie briefs front 2

sewing lingerie briefs close

sewing lingerie briefs back

The g-string…

sewing lingerie gstring front

sewing lingerie gstring back

I think they look pretty impressive!!

The most challenging part so far has been getting used to the industrial sewing machines.  Have you ever used one??  Man, those things go faaaaaaasssssssssstt!!!

industrial sewing machine

Or at least I thought so til I came across the industrial overlockers….Holy Hell!!  If I get through this course without losing a finger I’ll be impressed!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks when we’ll be putting together a camisole as well as a bra.

As an educator myself, the teaching style is a lot more relaxed and less structured than I’m used to but I definitely feel like I’m still learning.  And the teacher earned brownie points from me after telling me I had a “natural sewing ability” – nawwwwww….*blushing*

I’d love to know if anyone else has done any sewing courses, what you learned and if you thought it was worthwhile.  I’m hoping to do something new next year and on the hunt!!

Nat x

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