June Sewing Plans

june sewing plans

May was another busy month for me but probably not sewing as much as I would have liked.  I managed to finish the Spring Showers Rain Jacket and two pairs of winter pj pants that I had on my May Sewing list.

I’ve also spent a fair bit of time watching tutorials on using Inkscape to digitise patterns as I think this is a really handy skill to have.  I’m not quite ready to make the investment in Adobe Illustrator at the moment so I really just wanted an alternative so I can share my free patterns, like the large bib and easy-to-remove pram liner, in a more professional manner.  I’ve still got a bit more work in figuring out how to transfer it into pdf format so hang tight!

I’ve also been drafting my own boys tshirt (well copying from an existing one and adjusting to fit better).  Given I’ve never done that before either, it’s taken up a fair bit of (otherwise) sewing time!!

So, my plan for June is to focus on a few key projects and try and fit in anything else that I can!

1)      Captain Barnacles outfit – you’ve probably figured by now that my 3 yo is a HUGE Octonauts fan and it’s literally all he talks about at the moment (and he talks a LOT!)  I’m planning to give him an Octonauts themed birthday party in July and thought it would be really cool to make him a Captain Barnacles outfit.  He LOVES pretending he’s Captain Barnacles – in fact the teachers at daycare have even starting calling him Captain!!  I think I’ll have brownie points for the next 6 months if I can pull this one off.

2)      Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations – I bought this pattern a few months ago and have been searching for the right fabric since.  Finding decent knit fabric in Perth has proven to be challenging so in a recent fabric order from the US I decided to throw in a Hacci Sweater Knit which was pretty cheap.  I was pretty happy with what turned up so am going to give this cardi a go.

3)      City Girl Top by See Kate Sew – In my search for knit fabric, it turns out Spotlight are finally  stocking some decent jersey that isn’t too lightweight so I thought I might give this top a try using that.  I bought it as part of the Just Add Jeans Pattern Anthology collection and really like the look of it so fingers crossed!

4)      Small Fry Skinny Jeans –I absolutely LOVE the first pair of skinnies I made my Big Boy – he just looks so cool in them!  I really want to make another pair for his winter wardrobe.

I also have a few other projects on the to-do list that are left overs from previous lists so I won’t bothered repeating them.  Let’s just say they’re on the never ending perpetual to-do list!

What do you have on your to-do list this month?


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