Jump Sallie! Jump! (suit)

A couple of months back I received an invite in the post for my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday celebration – 70s and 80s themed.  Clearly images of my furrowed eyebrows and thoughts of “what the hell am I going to wear?!?” travelled swiftly across a number of central Australian deserts and the Pacific because I swear THE NEXT DAY Heather Lou released her latest Closet Case Files pattern – the Sallie Jumpsuit and Maxi Dress.

Sallie Jumpsuit front

Freaking GENIUS Heather!!

I only had just over a week to make it so with no time for online shopping, I headed off to Spotlight to see what kind of crazy 70s inspired fabric I could find.  Neon…check…geometric…check…poly spandex…JOB DONE!

Sallie Jumpsuit side

The pattern was a dream to put together involving heaps of super quick seam sewing on the serger (try saying that 5 times fast!) and big results for minimal effort in my opinion.

This is now the third Closet Case Files pattern I’ve sewn – the first being my Bombshell swimsuit from last year and more recently the super cozy Carolyn Pajamas (which may or may not have been worn almost every night since made).  I’m a huge fan of Heather’s style and the adaptability of her patterns.  One day, soon, I’ll get started on those Ginger Jeans.

Sallie Jumpsuit back As for Sallie, the promise of secret pajamas has been seriously fulfilled.  I cut a straight size 10 and the fit and comfort level is ridiculous.  I definitely plan to be sporting a romper version come summer time.

I couldn’t be more happy with how this jumpsuit turned out.  While the original intention was to make it more as a novelty outfit, it’s ended up being something I will definitely wear again.  Perhaps not kindy pick-up, but it’s girls-night-out worthy for sure.  (Although kindy pick-up might be fun?)

Sallie Jumpsuit bodice

If you’re after any more Sallie inspiration, Heather’s put together a round up post of all the Sallie’s that have been popping up on Instagram and around the blogosphere.  So much Sallie love to be had and for good reason.

Till next time,

Nat x

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