Freebie Sewing Patterns: Men’s boxer shorts

Here’s one I’ve been meaning to blog for aaaaaaages but haven’t had a chance to get pics of these shorts before now.  I guess the fact they’ve been on high wardrobe rotation declares them a success?

fox boxers front

I made these boxers for my husband for Father’s Day after being hassled all year on “You’re always sewing for the kids…when are you making ME something?”  Alright, alright, keep your boxers on!

To be fair, this wasn’t a completely selfless sew.  Keeping said husband happy with a sewn pressie every now and then definitely helps soften the blow when family budget assessment time comes round, like it did recently.  And yes, when tallying up our recent spending, there was a category allocated for sewing *oops!*


The Darcy Boxer Shorts by Measure Twice Cut Once (Australian designer) – Free pattern – woo!!

boxers front mustache

Version and Mods

Men’s version – which  means no side seam split and an exposed elastic waistband.

Size & Fit

I couldn’t convince my shy husband to pose for internet pics in his boxers unfortunately – haha!  So you’ll have to trust me on the fit.

One thing I found about this pattern was that the size guide was a bit confusing.  If I went with the measurements given, then I should have made an XXL for my husband who is usually around a medium – he has a 34” waist.

I cut the first pair as an XL but they were definitely too big with too much gathering in my opinion along the waistband edge of the fabric.

fox boxers front 2

So for the second moustache pair, I cut L.  I definitely think the fit was better .  He possibly could have even gone down to a medium but given these are worn as pjs, I’ll keep any subsequent pairs at a large for the comfort factor.  So, in short, my advice with the size guide is to go with your usual size, or maybe one up.

boxers front


I used basic quilting cotton for both pairs, although the weight of the fox fabric was probably a bit heavy for comfy boxers in my opinion.  Hubs hasn’t complained though so he obviously doesn’t mind.  Pretty sure I got it from but it was a while ago so I’m struggling to remember!

The moustaches are definitely softer – I found this one at Spotlight.

boxers side mustache

I sourced the 1.5” waistband elastic from Kristie of Boo! Designs’ online shop.  It’s great quality elastic although her products are geared towards kids clothing so the colour range is mostly quite bright.

fox boxers back


The instructions were fabulous!  Easily guiding you through the classic men’s style with illustrations to accompany the instructions.

I love all the topstitching along the centre seams.  It takes a bit longer but I think it gives a really professional finish and makes them more comfy on the inside.

boxers back mustache

The only suggestion I would make is in Step 13 while making the fly panel.  The instructions tell you to stitch along the bottom edge from the centre fold to the press line of the turn back.  However, if you do this, then it’s not possible to sandwich the fly panel around the right hand panel in step 16.  So just be sure not to stitch all the way to the press line.  You need to stop 1cm (3/8”) before there, i.e. to the edge of the fold.  Trust me, this will all make sense when you make yours!!


Not difficult although there are buttons and button holes to make so it’s a great way to practice if you’re not confident with those.  I would say confident beginner as you’ve also got the stretch elastic for the waistband to sew on.

A coverstitch machine would give an awesome professional finish for attaching the elastic but that’s still on my wish list, so I just used a tricot (three-step zigzag) stitch on my sewing machine.  It was a bit uneven in places but really who cares?!

fox boxers back close

If you haven’t come across this pattern before then I definitely recommend it.  Susan also has a great range of other patterns which have caught my eye since I’ve been learning to sew lingerie.  Did you catch the undies I made in the sewing class I’ve been doing?

I hope to see you back here next week when I’ll be participating in a couple of fun series’ – catch you then!

Nat x

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