February Sewing Plans

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Just a quick one today, to write my list of what I hope to achieve this month.  There’s a lot on it so hopefully I can get most if not all of it finished!!

1)      Sewing for me: Harem pants by Pattern Emporium.  I’ve made one pair of these just in a plain black rayon, mostly as a trial run but have since bought the fabric to make two more pairs.  I hope to finish at least one of them!

2)      Sewing for me: A dress.  I’m super excited about this project but it will be by far the most ambitious project I’ve attempted.  Unfortunately I can’t give any more details (for reasons I’ll explain later) but I promise to share the result – successful or not!

3)      Pressies: I have a variety of kiddies presents on the agenda this month, but again, I can’t reveal the details as I might spoil the surprise for some!  I promise to put up a post once they’ve been given.

4)      Wedding fun: A close girlfriend of mine is getting married at the end of March so I have a couple of projects to complete before then.  The first is a string of bunting that she has asked for that will be used in a special photo she has planned.  The other is to sew up some of these gorgeous bow ties for my Big Boy and his two little buddies who’ll be attending the ceremony – can’t wait to see them wearing them on the day!

5)      Laundry hamper: This is a project I’ve been meaning to sew for AGES so I really just need to get on with it!  I saw the idea on a facebook group but it’s basically just a laundry bag with straps on the top that you attach to the change table.  I have some gorgeous “Very Hungry Caterpillar” fabric saved for the project.  I might even turn this project into a tutorial for the blog…

6)      Pram Liner: Another project that’s been on the radar for months but I’ve been putting it off as Little has been using a capsule up until now.  He’s finally too big for it so I want to make a pram liner now he’s in his big seat.  I have some really cute Australian animal fabric for this one.  Again, another tutorial may be on the horizon!

7)      I have another couple of tutorial ideas I really want to write as well.  Not sure if I’ll get it all done this month but I’ll do my best.  One of the major reasons I started this blog was to teach others and it really is my passion.

I’m now officially one month in and while it’s been a lot of work so far, I’m so glad I’ve joined the blogging world!  I’m really enjoying being able to share what I make with others and joining in the conversation with others who love to sew too.

Thanks so much for reading.  I’d love to hear what sewing plans you have for February!


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