The Epic Tale of the Bombshell Swimsuit…

The story begins back in May, when the third Perfect Pattern Parcel was released.  Heading up the collection was the Bombshell swimsuit pattern…one I’d been admiring ever since seeing this gorgeous version by Ada Spragg but was far too intimidated to try.

Our Thailand holiday coming up at the end of  July was the perfect motivation to get started on a swimsuit in the middle of winter.  Fabric was purchased, pattern printed and traced, ready to cut.  Many distractions later, July came and went and the swimsuit sat patiently waiting.

I finally started cutting fabric in August only to find I hadn’t bought enough lining fabric – DAMN IT!!!  More distractions and another month passed and I finally cut it out.

In September I eventually… EVENTUALLY…  started putting it together and honestly, it was really soooooo much easier than expected.  Following the sew along posts was a god send.  The series of posts could easily be renamed the Heather Lou How to Sew a Swimsuit Class.   Everything you need to know is in there and you can trust me on this.  I took a sewing lingerie class only a few weeks later and pretty much didn’t learn anything new that I hadn’t already been taught by Heather.  (Watch out Ginger Jeans – you’re next!)

I FINALLY finished in November and then came the reality that sharing this make on the blog meant getting in front of the camera… in a swimsuit.  So, modesty pushed aside, and a few more weeks and today is the day I share photos of me. In a swimsuit. On the internet.

It’s far from a perfect sew but…goddamit…  Check it OUT!  I sewed a freaking SWIMSUIT!!!

bombshell front 2

bombshell side 2


Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files

bombshell front 3

Version & Mods

Ruched bust line version (View A).  I chose to make thin spaghetti straps ala Ada Spragg rather than the thicker version included in the pattern and am really happy with the result.

I also included bra cups to help give the girls some support (needing all they can get post two babies!)


Size & Fit

I cut a size 12 but having measured up back in June and since stopping breastfeeding and losing the last bit of baby weight I think it’s a bit on the big side.  With the fabric so stretchy, it’s easy to get away with it but I notice there’s some butt sag-age at the back and the  “skirt” part at the front is quite long and kind of hangs down a bit too low.  All issues that can easily be fixed in Bombshell number 2.

bombshell side


Typical swimsuit fabric (Nylon with elastane) picked up at Textile Traders.  I didn’t want to splurge on anything fancy or expensive without knowing whether it would be a success or not.  The lining was from Spotty.

I took everyone’s advice on the importance of using proper swimsuit quality elastic to make sure it won’t deteriorate with chlorine/salt exposure and I definitely wasn’t keen on any public swimsuit deterioration accidents!  I sourced mine from Sew Creative Supplies and it was much cheaper than I expected – win!

bombshell back


To be honest, I didn’t even use the sewing instructions provided with the pattern.  I’m sure these will be more than enough now I’ve made one but like I said, following the sew along was the BOMB (get it?!  ahhhh, won’t quit my day job..)


Trust me, this sew seems MUCH more intimidating than it really is to make.  Having some experience sewing knits is a definite advantage and mine is faaaaaarrrrr from perfect.  Did you spot the overlocking threads poking out the side seams?  The inside is, quite frankly, a mess, but would you ever know??  I know my next one will be a huge improvement but I learned SO MUCH from this make and I’m SOOOOOOOO proud that I don’t care!

Paired with my kimono, I’m ready for you summer!  (Or Monaco as helpful Craig suggested…)

bombshell kimono

So, what do you think??

Have you made one or willing to give it a go?  Trust me, you won’t regret it!!


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