Easy to remove pram liner

Do you have sewing projects that you’ve had planned for months (or even years)?  You have the idea, the fabric, possibly even the tutorial or pattern but just never get around to starting??

This pram liner is that project for me.  (Ok let’s face it I have a few!) I’ve been putting it off and putting it off since my pregnancy, and FINALLY I’ve finished it!  *pops champagne cork* Amazing what writing things down in my February Sewing Plans does for my motivation.

pram liner

Mostly the reason I’ve been putting it off so long is that I couldn’t find a tutorial to do exactly what I wanted which has meant engaging my two-times pregnancy affected brain to figure out how to do it.  I’ve seen loads of pram liner tutorials online like this one and this one.  While gorgeous and simple to make, all the ones I found seemed to be the type where you have to undo all the straps of your pram from the back and thread through the holes in order to attach or remove it.  I find this is a really fiddly (and frankly annoying) thing to have to do, so I wanted one with Velcro tabs that was quick and easy to attach and remove.

pram liner close

pram liner velcro

pram liner velcro 2

As expected it took a bit of fiddling around but generally the idea I had on how to do it worked.  The most trouble I had was with the bias binding.  I made it myself using the continuous bias binding method with no problems but I seem to be so hit and miss when it comes to attaching this wretched stuff!  I made a couple of pairs of shorts for the Big Boy last year which turned out perfectly but it just wasn’t meant to be with this project.  I got it looking quite nice on the top but underneath hides a multitude of sins.  This really grates the perfectionist in me but I figure it’s a matter of practice, and the drive to get this project finished overrode these imperfections.

liner binding

And besides, Little doesn’t seem to mind, so why should I?

pram liner baby

So, what do you think?  Do you struggle with bias binding as much as me? Any tips to share?  I think next time I’ll try the “stitch in the ditch” method.


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