Easy-to-remove Pram Liner: Free Tutorial & Pattern

Welcome back to the Sewing for Babies series! I’m so excited to share this tutorial and PDF pattern that I put together after posting about the pram liner I made here.  I used to find it downright annoying to have to re-thread the straps on my pram every time I wanted to wash my old pram liner so I made one with velcro tabs that is quick and easy to remove and replace!

pram liner tutorial pattern

The following tutorial is based on my FREE PDF pram liner pattern for the Valco Rebel Q which you can download from the link below.  It takes a fair bit of time for me to put together patterns like this (and my bib pattern) so I would really appreciate it if, in return, you jump on and “like” my Facebook page as well as sign up to follow my blog either via a reader like Bloglovin‘ or receive my weekly post updates by email. If you decide after a few weeks that it’s not for you, you can always unsubscribe at anytime.  Thanks so much for your support!

If you have different pram to the Valco Rebel Q, you may need to draft your own pattern and adjust the size of your tabs to suit your pattern.  The instructions on how to do this are explained below.


  • Main fabric: 70cm (¾ yd)
  • Batting/wadding: 35cm (3/8 yd) (I used regular cotton batting but you could use other types like bamboo – find out more about types of batting here)
  • Bias binding: 2.5m (3yd) (find out how to make your own here)
  • Velcro: 12cm (5”)
  • Walking foot (optional but recommended)

Trace Pattern

Lay baking paper (or similar) inside your pram seat and draw the outline of your liner for one side of your seat.  Take the piece of paper and fold in half lengthways and trace to the other side.  This will make sure your pattern is symmetrical.

Cut out the pattern, put it back into the pram to check the fit and then mark where the straps come out and the line of the angle where the seat folds.

Cut Out Fabric

Print out your pattern.  Download the free pattern for the Valco Rebel Q here. (Please don’t forget to  “like” my Facebook page and sign up for weekly post updates by email in return!)

Cut 2 x main pieces of fabric so you have one front and one back piece.  Transfer your strap and angle line markings to one piece.

Cut 1 x main piece of batting

Cut tabs as indicated on the pattern.

(Remember the size of your tab pieces may be different for other prams)

Sew Tabs

1)      Fold your main fabric along the fold line right sides together (RST), aligning raw edges.  Lay the corresponding piece of wadding on top.

step 1

2)      Sew side seams with a ¼” seam allowance.

step 2

3)      Clip corners & turn right side out.  Press.

step 3

Attach Tabs

4)      Lay the 2 main fabric pieces RST with wadding underneath.  Pin together.

5)      For the top two strap openings, cut a straight line from the outer edge towards the strap opening line (Don’t cut the strap line yet).

step 5

6)      At the bottom, cut a straight line up to meet one outside edge of the strap opening line.

step 6

7)      Sandwich corresponding tabs in between the two main fabric pieces RST with the raw edges aligned.  Pin in place.

step 7

8)      Sew around the cut lines as shown with a ¼” seam, making sure you catch all edges of the tabs, fabric and wadding.

step 8

9)      Clip into the corners as far as possible without cutting the stitching.

step 9

10)  Turn right side out and press.

Sew Strap Openings

Note: Due to the thickness of the pram liner (i.e. two pieces of fabric plus wadding), I found the button hole function on my machine didn’t work well for this. Here is how I achieved the same result manually.

11)  Select zigzag stitch on your machine and set the width to 5.0 and length to 0.45.

12)  Begin stitching about 3mm or 1/8” above the horizontal line you’ve marked on your fabric.  Stitch with zigzag up to the line, then reverse stitch back to where you started, then forward again.  You will have stitched over the same area three times.

step 12

13)  Now, change your stitch width to 2.0 and align your needle on the left hand side of the stitching you just completed.  Zigzag stitch all the way down the left hand side of the vertical line, reverse stitch back to the start, and forward stitch down again.

14)  Now align your needle back up to the top, underneath your first (wide) zigzag, approx. 2mm to the left of the right edge of this stitching.  Zigzag stitch all the way down the right hand side of the vertical line, reverse stitch back to the start, and forward stitch down again.

15)  Repeat for the other two strap openings.


16)  Cut your Velcro into one 6cm strip and two 3cm strips.  With the tabs towards the back side of the liner, attach Velcro to both the tabs and main part of the liner.

step 16

17)  Cut your strap openings between the two long rows of zigzag stitching you completed above.

step 17

18)  Sew a straight line across where you have marked the angle of the pram seat.

19)  Attach your binding by opening up your bias binding and pin, aligning the raw edge against the raw edge of the liner.  Make sure you leave some overhang where you start and finish.

step 19

20)  Stitch along the fold to the left of the raw edge.

21)  Next fold your bias binding around to the back side of the liner.  Tuck the ends under neatly where you’ve started and finished and pin.

step 21

22)  Topstitch approx. 2mm (1/8”) from the edge of the binding, ensuring you catch the underneath of the binding as you go around.

Hurrah!!  You’ve finished your easy-to-remove pram liner!

I would LOVE to hear if you have used this tutorial to make one!  So we can all enjoy the gorgeous pram liners you make, I would love for you to post a photo on the Sew Outnumbered Facebook page, my Flickr group or add a comment below.  And of course, if you’re unsure about any of the steps or it’s unclear, please let me know.

There is one more post left in this series tomorrow – and it’s a goodie!  See you all then!

Happy sewing!


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