Boy Sewing: Hoot Pajamas

Helloooooo sewing peeps!  Yep, still here and despite some crazy ups and downs over the past few months I’m still sewing.  I tell Craig it’s cheaper than therapy but we all know that’s probably not true…

There was a flurry of excitement from a few of you over this Hoot fabric on Instagram when I was sewing them a few weeks back so here they are in full and in the flesh.

hoot pajamas full sitting

The pattern is the Lazy Day Pajamas from Blank Slate Patterns which I sewed up for this pair last year when I was still a bit daunted by the idea of fully piped pajamas.  Not so this time and it was the perfect practice run for my own Carolyn PJs which are currently getting their finishing touches (watch this space).  Like most things, the piping really wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I was anticipating and I think it’s resulted in a MUCH more professional finish than the Bob pjs.  Happy score 9/10.

hoot pajamas top front

hoot pajamas top back


hoot pajamas top piping

Before you all start screeching at me – WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT FABRIC??  The answer is from my lovely (now real life) friends at Sew Creative Supplies who I’ve been running workshops and classes with this year.  Unfortunately for those not involved in the Instagram conversation of WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT FABRIC?? they are now completely sold out of Hoots – you girls are quick!

The sewing was pretty straight forward this time.  I think maybe in hindsight I *may* have sewn the collar of the last pair upside down coz the facing on these ones seems to sit much flatter and neater.  Saying that, since sewing up my Carolyn PJs using Heather’s fancy no-facing required method – there will be NO MORE facings in pajamas in the future.  It’s genius!  You can check out her tutorial here if you’re interested.

hoot pajamas pants front

hoot pajamas pants cuff

The pants were easy-peasy so I recommend starting on them first to get you motivated to finish the rest!  Again, I’m super happy with how this piping turned out even though it was just the fairly nasty store-bought stuff.  Next time I’ll probably make it myself.

A couple more pics just for fun…

hoot pajamas top

hoot pajamas top back on

Apparently these PJs are also EXCELLENT for bouncing on the couch…

hoot pajamas full jumping

More sewing to come this week  – this time for me!

Catch you then,


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