About me

Hey there fellow sewing loverrrrrs!   I’m Nat and I live in Perth, Australia.  I’m happily outnumbered by the boys in my life, my husband Craig and my two adorable boys who are 5 and 2.

My sewing journey began back in the 80s, where, as an impressionable child I began sewing scrunchies on my mum’s Lemair machine.  Scrunchies were cool in the 80s I’m telling you!  I still have that awesome machine and it weighs a tonne.  My award winning career as a seamstress began in first year high school claiming third prize for my shorts at the annual art and craft show.  I then took a well deserved break until after the birth of my first bub in 2010.  Since then I’ve been making things for him and now my second little monkey and have recently become certifiably obsessed with sewing my own handmade closet.

Thanks so much for joining me… please – don’t be a stranger!  I’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment, send me an email nataliew919{at}gmail{dot}com, or leave a message on my facebook page here.

Nat x