Spring Showers Rain Jacket Take 2

Do you ever have those projects that get shelved for, like ever (ok 6 months) coz you stuff something up and can’t be bothered thinking about how to fix it?  This second Spring Showers Rain Jacket was definitely one of those!

I started sewing it last winter for my 6yo coz, you know, it was winter.  

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Megan Nielsen Karri Dress


I was thrilled for the opportunity to help Megan Nielsen out in the development of her latest gorgeous pattern – the Karri Dress.  Meg has been such a fabulous supporter of my local sewing endeavours and it turns out we’re practically neighbours, it would have been rude to say no!

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Rayon Southport Dress: Maai Design Blog Tour

There’s nothing quite like the release of a gorgeous new European fabric collection to get Aussie sewing bloggers stitching up a storm! That’s what’s been happening this week and last on the Maai Design blog tour with Maai now stocking the See You At Six collection and we all can’t stop raving about this stunning rayon.


First though, the make.

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Sewing Retreat Brumby Skirt

brumby skirt front full length

Why hulloooooooooooo long lost blog and readers (readers?  are you still there?)

It’s been a ridiculously long time between posts but the reality is I’ve been ridiculously busy and something just had to give.  Ok, so maybe a few things, but my children are still fed and (mostly) clothed so as far as I’m concerned #winningatparenting.

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Birkin Flares

Jeans.  One of those hallmark moments of a sewists journey where you move from…

There’s no way I could ever do that“, to

Hmmmm…maybe they wouldn’t be so hard“, and then

Come ON girl, let’s do this!

baste and gather birkin flares front close

Of course afterwards there’s the inevitable,

Why the hell didn’t I make them sooner??

It was Lauren of Baste and Gather‘s recent callout for pattern testers that finally swung me into gear.  

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