Sewing Retreat Brumby Skirt

brumby skirt front full length

Why hulloooooooooooo long lost blog and readers (readers?  are you still there?)

It’s been a ridiculously long time between posts but the reality is I’ve been ridiculously busy and something just had to give.  Ok, so maybe a few things, but my children are still fed and (mostly) clothed so as far as I’m concerned #winningatparenting. Continue Reading

Birkin Flares

Jeans.  One of those hallmark moments of a sewists journey where you move from…

There’s no way I could ever do that“, to

Hmmmm…maybe they wouldn’t be so hard“, and then

Come ON girl, let’s do this!

baste and gather birkin flares front close

Of course afterwards there’s the inevitable,

Why the hell didn’t I make them sooner??

It was Lauren of Baste and Gather‘s recent callout for pattern testers that finally swung me into gear.   Continue Reading

Spring Sewing Retreat

I ask you…what could be better than an idyllic weekend away in the country with 13 other sewing-obsessed ladies and their machines?  If your answer is “nada” then throw your hands in the air and declare us BFFs!

sewing retreat 2015 machine flatlay

I’d been looking for a sewing retreat to join for a while but I never could find one that was just the right demographic, just the right timing, just the right location.  I figured I couldn’t be the only one in Perth who felt the same so as ideas for my sewing business evolved last year, I knew a retreat was going to play a major part. Continue Reading

Seamwork Adelaide Dress

There are so many awesome new things going on in the online sewing world at the moment.  I’ve only been really involved in this community for just over 3 years but even in that short time there are some incredibly motivated and talented people doing amazing things.

Late last year when Sarai of Colette Patterns released her latest venture, Seamwork magazine, I signed up straight away!  It’s a such an aesthetically beautiful publication and gives me an excuse once a month to grab a glass of vino, put my feet up on the couch and learn, read and enjoy all the gorgeous things.

adelaide dress neck binding

It’s taken me until recently to actually get around to sewing up one of the patterns – the Adelaide Dress.

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Perth Frocktails

Last night was the inaugural Perth Frocktails event and boy was it frock-tabulous!!!

If you don’t know what I’m on about, Frocktails was started by Kat a few years back in Melbourne and now us Aussies are frocking it up all over the country!  The concept?  Sew yourself a dress (or dig something hand-made out of your closet), doll-yourself up and head out for dinner and a cocktail (or three?) with local sewing lovers!

There were some exciting previews over Instagram in the preceding week with a few of us tearing our hair out, sew cramming and yelling – “what the hell was I thinking starting a brand new pattern in my best fabric three days before I plan to wear it?!?!?”

But sew them we did, and after a bit of hair and makeup we were ready to head on out to what felt like the best group blind date in history!

Frocktails v8280

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